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Order customised cabinet

  • How do I request a quotation?

    When you design your perfect cabinet or wardrobe in the configuration tool, you will see the corresponding price right away. The price is calculated in real time using the sizes, layouts, colours and handles you choose. It means you don’t need to wait for a quotation!

    What if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in the configuration tool? Email a sketch of your dream cabinet or wardrobe with your preferred layout and dimensions to We’ll be pleased to look at how we can provide you with further help!

  • How can I track my order status?

    You can do so in your account under 'orders'.

    You will, of course, also be kept informed about your order, production drawing and delivery via e-mail.

  • Can I pay on delivery?

    No. You need to pay for your bespoke furniture online during the ordering process.

  • Can I just order doors?

    Of course! You can quickly order new doors and infill panels for any closed made-to-measure wardrobe that you have bought from us. You quickly can adapt your wardrobe to the latest trendy colours, or the whims of your housemates.

    However, you should bear in mind that it is not easy to convert an open wardrobe into a closed wardrobe. Do you want to fit doors to an open wardrobe that was made by us or someone else? Tell us which doors you would like and the sizes by emailing and we will send you a quote for the production and delivery. The doors will be supplied without grooves for hinges.

  • How do I order my bespoke furniture?

    It's easy using our online configuration tool! Design your dream cabinet in 3D, choose your preferred delivery date and simply order it online.
    We’ll send you a production drawing so that you can go over everything in detail again.

    Good to go? Then we’ll produce your bespoke furniture, and we’ll send it out to you quickly! Our clear assembly instructions make it easy to install.

  • How can I pay?

    We accept a variety of payment methods: Bancontact, iDEAL & QR-code, Paypal, Sepa (bank transfer), credit cards, Belfius & KBC.


  • When exactly can I expect my furniture?

    We deliver Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 7 pm. The driver will contact you half an hour before the delivery. This means you don’t have to wait at home the entire day for the delivery.

    If the delivery takes longer than an hour due to a delay that cannot be attributable to us, we must charge an additional €10 per extra quarter of an hour.

  • Do you deliver furniture to a flat?

    We deliver as standard to ground floor locations. If you have arranged a removal lift, we can naturally agree to deliver to you when the removal lift is at your home.

    In this case, contact us two weeks in advance at so we can organise everything and make sure that your bespoke furniture arrives without a hitch!

  • Which countries can I have my bespoke furniture delivered to?

    We deliver in Belgium and the Netherlands. Delivery is free in Belgium, and we charge €85 (incl. VAT) for deliveries in the Netherlands.

    Do you live somewhere else but nevertheless would like us to deliver your bespoke furniture? We totally understand! Contact us at and we will look at how we can help.

  • How does the delivery work in practice?

    The driver will contact you half an hour before the estimated arrival time. The panels will be unloaded individually and neatly delivered to a ground floor location. We intentionally do not pack the various elements separately as this is good for the environment and keeps waste to a minimum!

    To keep delivery costs as low as possible for you, we only send out one driver. Make sure you ask someone to lend you a hand. If the delivery takes longer than an hour due to a delay that cannot be attributable to us, we must charge an extra €10 per extra quarter of an hour.

    Please carefully read all the information about deliveries here.

  • How long will it take to deliver?

    Your bespoke furniture will be delivered to your home in around 2 to 4 weeks. We know, it’s amazing, but it’s true. We are the fastest supplier of bespoke furniture which is something we are proud of! We are also the proud winner of the Logistic Champion award. This is an accreditation of the speed and reliability of our delivery.

    You can see the estimate delivery date in the configuration tool.

  • Can I choose the date and time for my delivery?

    You can choose the delivery date of your dream furniture in the configuration tool. You can select a date that is up to six months after the order date. You will receive an email with the expected delivery time a week before the delivery.

    If the delivery takes longer than an hour due to a delay that cannot be attributable to us, we must charge an additional €10 per extra quarter of an hour.

    Contact us at if you have any other questions.

  • Why is the wardrobe not packed in a box?

    Your unique made-to-measure wardrobe does not fit in a standard box. That’s because each piece of furniture is custom made with the greatest care. Each of the panels have different shapes and sizes and come in various quantities. We organise our transport to make sure everything gets to you safely.

    We also intentionally choose to use less packaging. After all, less packaging means less waste which is good for the environment and good for you! You easily save around €110 in packaging costs and do not have to get rid of all of the packaging materials afterwards. Everyone benefits!

Problems or damage

  • What should I do if my furniture is damaged?

    We will do everything to quickly provide you with the right assistance! Contact us at so that we can organise an appropriate solution.

  • Can I return my furniture?

    Maatkasten Online only produces custom-made goods. For goods that are custom-made, returns are not possible.

  • What should I do if there is something missing?

    Contact us at and we will make sure that the missing piece reaches you quickly!


  • How do I measure my room?

    Use your preferred measuring tool and get started with our measuring tips! Two great tools for simply taking accurate measurements are a standard tape measure and a laser measure. Always measure the depth, height and width in three places. Use the smallest value in centimetres.

    Always measure from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. Our system automatically takes the necessary tolerance into account. If there are any obstacles, such as a window ledge, light fittings or radiators, tell us about these when you place your order so that we can look at the best solution together!

    Pro tip: After you’ve placed your order, we’ll send you a production drawing for you to confirm the measurements. Check these carefully before you give your final approval for your order. In this way you can be sure of getting the best result!

  • In which countries can I use the measuring service?

    We work mainly in Belgium, but we’ve also recently started reserving several days a month for our customers in the Netherlands. When you request the measuring service, bear in mind that you may have to wait a little longer for the appointment.

  • Do you visit me to measure up for my furniture?

    Yes, we can do that! Request the measuring service and our expert will visit you and accurately measure up everything. In addition, you can also rely on advice about the best layout, colours and handles. You will get a ready-made design for your bespoke furniture. You get this personal service at home for only €89 (including VAT)

  • How do I get the right measurements if my walls are not completely straight?

    It’s no problem at all if your walls are not completely straight! Measure from wall to wall in three places and take the smallest of the measurements. We’ll automatically allow for the tolerance.

    We will compensate for the slope in the wall using infill panels. These panels fit to the wall on the left and right sides. The infill panels have a width of 5 cm as standard, but we can adjust the sizes.

    We recommend two options:

    1. Order oversized infill panels (wider than 5 cm) and cut them to size at home.

    2. Have the infill panels delivered in the exact size later (€79 inc. VAT). First install your cabinet or wardrobe and then measure the correct sizes for the infill panels. Email the sizes and we’ll send you the infill panels quickly!

  • How do I get the right measurements if my floor is not completely level?

    If your floor is not completely level, no need to worry. Your bespoke furniture comes on a pedestal with adjustable feet. You can adjust these feet to get your furniture 100% level.

    Measure the height in three places and write down the smallest measurement. Measure from floor to ceiling. We’ll help you by automatically allowing for the tolerance.


  • How do I assemble my furniture?

    Our assembly instructions provide the perfect assistance! They explain everything step by step and extremely clearly.

    If you still have questions, we’re here to help! Email or call us on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm on +32 50 69 59 01.

  • Do you visit to install my furniture?

    No, we don’t install your furniture as we believe that you can do it yourself! Our plug and play system is the basis for trouble-free assembly. On top of this, our assembly instructions and your positive attitude are your guarantee that your furniture will be simply amazing! Oh yes, you’ll also need a screwdriver, spirit level and drill.

    If you still have questions, we’re here to help! Email or call us on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm on +32 50 69 59 01.


  • Why do you not have a showroom?

    We prefer to bring our showroom to your home through our measuring service! An expert will visit you at home with advice and lots of samples. Alongside this, you can also request free colour samples. This means we do not need to invest in a shop or showroom, and we can continue to be the best value provider of top-quality, bespoke furniture.

    Nevertheless, if you would still like to meet us, why not pass by for a chat at a trade fair, such as Bis or Batibouw.

  • Are the wardrobes produced sustainably?

    We use sustainable elements as far as possible. The sheet panels are made by Unilin from flax shives (a residual product in the textile industry) combined with PEFC & FSC certified wood. We also work with Unilin to process our waste into new materials and to shrink our CO 2 footprint.

    We give a lot of attention on our site to the environment and the well-being of our staff. We have fitted out our production facilities with solar panels.

  • Is your bespoke furniture sustainable?

    You bet! We are determined to supply top-quality, durable furniture. We use sheet panels made by Unilin according to circular principles and we also take a sustainable approach to our packaging. We limit the quantity of packaging and keep the accompanying waste to a minimum.


  • Is the furniture water-resistant?

    A small amount of water will not do any harm, but your made-to-measure cabinet or wardrobe is not suitable for damp rooms that do not have adequate ventilation.

  • What is quality joinery?

    All our wardrobes and cabinets have the same top quality as those made by a professionaljoiner. We use Blum hinges with a soft-close mechanism, award-winning Ta’Or Box drawers, sustainable sheet panels by Unilin, and back panels that are 8 mm thick. You can read full details about the impeccable quality of our work here.

  • Does my furniture come with a guarantee?

    You can rely on a 2-year guarantee on your bespoke furniture. If you find any faults or defects within 2 years of delivery, we will repair or replace the furniture for free. This is bespoke service for bespoke furniture.


  • Can I adjust the height of the shelves?

    You bet! All the side walls of the cupboards have discrete pin holes (3 mm). This means that you can choose your preferred height for your shelves and clothes rail. Your pull-down clothes rail and drawers have a fixed height.

  • How do I care for my made-to-measure furniture?

    Glass cleaner and all-purpose cleaner are your best friends when it comes to cleaning! Apply to a sponge or microfibre cloth and gently wipe your furniture in a circular motion. Leave the product to work on the furniture for a maximum of 5 minutes and then thoroughly clean the surface with lukewarm water. Lastly, wipe the surface dry and your furniture will shine without any streaks!

    Important note: Never use corrosive or abrasive products. You should also avoid products that contain hydrogen peroxide or detergent. These can damage your furniture or leave marks on the surface.

  • What type of sheet panels do you use to make the furniture?

    Your bespoke furniture is produced from sustainable sheet panels (melamine) by Unilin. These panels are scratch-resistant, colour-fast, anti-bacterial and easy to care for. You can choose from 23 different colours and wood textures.

    For the outer finish of your furniture, you can also choose MDF in a smooth version or with lines (U grooves). MDF already has a white layer of fibreboard and you can paint it in any colour you like.

  • How thick is the sheet material?

    The sheet material on our bespoke furniture is 18 mm thick.

    The ultra-strong back panels are 8 mm thick.

    The shelves have a standard thickness of 18 mm. You can also opt for a thickness of 28 mm with the colours Front White, Diamond Black, Seashell and Quartz. Perfect for showing off your heavy books!

  • What is a pedestal?

    A pedestal is a bottom plank that supports your bespoke furniture. This ultra-strong plank has adjustable feet which makes it extremely easy to get your wardrobe or cabinet level. If you have ordered a floating cabinet, then there’s no need for a pedestal.

  • How thick are the shelves?

    The shelves have a thickness of 18 mm as standard. You can also opt for a thickness of 28 mm with the colours Front White, Diamond Black, Seashell and Quartz. Perfect for putting your heavy books on display!

  • What are infill panels?

    Infill panels neatly connect your wardrobe or cabinet to the wall on the left and/or right side. The panels are level with the doors of the cabinet so that your bespoke furniture smoothly goes from wall to wall.

    Your bespoke furniture comes with a top infill panel (or cornice) and a plinth at the bottom that is in front of the pedestal. They’re both recessed by around 2 to 3 cm. Your made-to- measure wardrobe consequently is perfectly fitted.

  • How high is the pedestal?

    The pedestal is fitted at a height of 8 cm as standard. This takes account of the standard height of skirting boards against the wall. If your skirting boards are higher, make sure to tell us about this at the end of the ordering process.

  • Are infill panels provided as standard?

    Yes, infill panels create the perfect finish! You attach them during the final stage of the assembly. When you’re measuring up, there’s no need to take this into account. Our configuration tool will do that for you! We supply 5 cm infill panels as standard, but you can easily make them wider or narrower in the configuration tool. You can even saw them yourself or have them delivered afterwards, which is particularly handy for sloping walls!

    At the top of your made-to-measure cupboard, we provide a top plinth (or raised ceiling) of 3 cm as standard, at the bottom there will be a plinth of 8 cm for the pedestal. You can easily adjust these two yourself in the configurator.

Colours and handles

  • Do I have to pay for the colour samples?

    No, you don't. We will send you the colour samples you want at no cost.

  • Which colours can I choose from?

    You can choose from 23 different solid shades and wood textures. Alternatively, you can choose MDF that you can paint in your preferred colour! Want to see the colours up close? Just request our free colour samples!

  • Can I use my own handles?

    Of course! We’re big fans of adding a distinctive touch to bespoke furniture. If you tell us that you will use your own handles when you place your order, we’ll supply the doors without pre-bored holes. For more information, please contact us at

  • When will I receive my colour samples?

    We will send you the colour samples by Bpost on the next working day. You can expect to receive them at home within 1 to 2 weeks.

Type of cabinets and possibilities

  • Can I design a cabinet that is not shown in the configuration tool?

    Email a sketch of your dream cabinet with your preferred layout and dimensions to We’ll be pleased to look at how we can provide you with further help!

  • Do you also make standard cabinets?

    No, we don’t like standard cabinets. All of our cabinets are made to measure according to your requirements. The configuration tool lets you choose the perfect size, colour and handles. We make the cabinet, and you assemble it yourself.

  • Are all your wardrobes and cabinets fully made to measure?

    Of course! Our name says it all. In Dutch we're called maatkasten online, which can be translated into 'made to measure furniture online' and that is exactly what we sell. Every single piece of our furniture is fully made to measure so we do not use annoying standard measurements.

  • Do you make kitchen cabinets?

    No, we do not make traditional kitchen cabinets. That’s because kitchens usually consist of various standard modules which house the appliances. However, if you would like an additional storage cabinet or a nice storage bench for the kitchen, then you've definitely come to the right place!

  • What types of bespoke furniture can I design?

    You can design any bespoke furniture that you can imagine! Whether you choose sloping sides or sloping back panels, standing or floating, fitted or freestanding furniture, the choice is yours!

    We will be pleased to make these types of bespoke furniture for you:

    • Bespoke open wardrobe
    • Bespoke storage cupboard
    • Bespoke chest of drawers
    • Bespoke TV unit
    • Bespoke stair cupboard
    • Bespoke storage bench
    • Bespoke living room dresser
    • Bespoke hall cupboard
    • Bespoke shoe cupboard
    • Bespoke island unit
    • Bespoke sideboard
    • Bespoke toilet cupboard
    • Bespoke electricity or technical cupboard
    • Bespoke office cupboard
    • Bespoke storage unit
    • Bespoke garage cupboard
    • Bespoke utility cupboard
    • and much more

    Alternatively, you can combine different types to create your ideal wall unit or interior layout. You're the designer!

  • What is a floating cabinet?

    A floating cabinet is attached to the wall and so it does not rest on the floor. We provide all of the fittings to attach the cabinet to the wall. If you would like to fit the cabinet higher up, we can apply an attractive finish to the part underneath that is visible. Make sure that you tell us about this during the ordering process.

  • Do you make bathroom cabinets?

    Yes, but your bathroom needs to have sufficient ventilation for our cabinets. If your bathroom is very humid, it’s better to choose a different type of cabinet. Our bespoke furniture works perfectly as a toilet cabinet or as a storage cupboard if you do not position it right next to the shower or the bath. Would you like to create a sink cabinet in our configuration tool? You can do this but make sure that you include the openings for the wash basin and the drainage pipe.

  • Can I take my cabinet or wardrobe with me when I move?

    You cannot take built-in furniture with you when you move house. If you already know that you want to give your bespoke furniture a new home in the future, choose freestanding cabinets with two finished sides. It’s easy to take these anywhere.

  • Which accessories can I choose for my cabinet or wardrobe?

    Our priority is durable, bespoke joinery. That’s why we intentionally keep our range of accessories small, but of an extremely high quality. You’ll find accessories such as a pull-down clothes rails, clothes rails, shelves and of course the award-winning Ta’Or Box drawers.

  • What is a semi-freestanding cabinet?

    A semi-freestanding cabinet connects to the wall on only one side. The other side is freestanding and is finished with an end panel.

  • Why can’t I choose sliding doors?

    We intentionally only offer hinged doors. You can install them quickly and they will retain their shape for ever!

  • What is a freestanding cabinet?

    A freestanding cabinet is not connected to the wall on the left and right sides. The cabinet is nicely finished on both sides with end panels.

  • Can I have a corner unit made?

    Yes! Our configuration tool will help you to instantly design an L-shaped unit.

  • Do you offer the option of mirrored doors?

    We do not supply mirrored doors, but feel free to add a mirror yourself to one of the doors. Tell us about your preferences during the ordering process and our production team will add an extra reinforced hinge to this door.

Is your question not listed?

Then contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you!