Our closets

With made-to-measure cupboards, you bring visual peace and maximise space utilisation. A made-to-measure cupboard from Maatkasten Online also helps you save in terms of time and money!

  • Laundry closet

    The perfect washing machine cupboard for your laundry room
  • Sideboard and chest of drawers

    Maatwerk voor lage kasten met deuren of lades
  • TV unit

    A bespoke TV unit for your home
  • Closet island

    The ultimate addition to your walk in dressing room

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    only 2 days left

  • Wall unit

    Combine a tall and low cabinet into one cohesive unit
  • Storage cupboard

    Your ideal storage cupboard
  • Stair cupboard

    Custom-made cupboard for your staircase
  • Storage bench

    Made-to-measure cupboard and cosy sofa in a single unit
  • Technical cabinet

    Now hide your pipes and fuse box in style
  • Gift voucher

    A gift voucher surprise for fitted furniture

Your made-to-measure cupboard will be at your home in 1-2-3.

  1. Measure the room

    Or make use of our measuring service

  2. Create your made-to-measure cupboard in 3D

    Super easy in our handy configuration tool 

  3. Our production drawing in your mailbox

    Double check! Approved? Then let's get to work!

  4. Your made-to-measure cupboard is delivered to your door

    Get started on your custom-made cabinets!