Tips & tricks

Want to make it easy to design and install your bespoke furniture? Our tips & tricks will certainly come in handy. Measurement and installation have never been so easy!

  • It's easy to measure up yourself

    Tape measure at the ready? Check! Take a look at these tips for hassle-free measurement!

  • Expert from Maatkasten Online comes to measure the space for a bespoke cupboard under the stairs

    Measuring service

    Our measuring expert will visit you at home to measure up and give you advice on your perfect cabinet or wardrobe!

  • Easy to assemble

    You don’t have to be a DIY expert. Anyone can put together our made-to-measure wardrobes.

  • A custom wardrobe is delivered by Maatkasten Online.

    Everything about the delivery

    Find out everything you need to know about delivery here, including the timeframe, choosing the delivery date, ground floor delivery, the package, and more.

  • A custom wardrobe with infill panels

    Infill panels: everything you need to know

    Everything about the unique infill panel system of your custom wardrobe.