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Ceiling cabinet

Looking to maximize space above your desk, bed, or toilet? A custom ceiling cabinet is the perfect solution. By extending this hanging cabinet all the way up to the ceiling, you create useful storage space. Meanwhile, the area below your suspended wall cabinet remains free for low cabinets, a worktop, or a desk surface.

Design your ceiling cabinet
Custom ceiling cabinet above a desk in the color Front White
Custom ceiling cabinet above a desk

Custom ceiling cabinet with desk shelf. Color: Front White. Handles: Push to open. View more photos of desk installations

Your practical and stylish hanging cabinet

A ceiling cabinet is a practical and stylish hanging cabinet. This convenient overhead cabinet can run all the way up to the ceiling - or nearly so. Below it, there's space to place a desk or a bed. You can perfectly combine your hanging cabinet with low storage cabinets or a dresser.

Custom hanging cabinet in a desk in the color Front White

Custom hanging cabinet, part of a complete desk setup. Colors: Front White and wood tone Sand. View more photos of desk installations 

All sides of your upper cabinet are beautifully finished. This means the visible underside looks just as neat as the doors and sides of your hanging cabinet.

You can completely customize your ceiling cabinet online. Input dimensions, choose layouts, and select colors and handles. In the 3D design tool, personalize your hanging cabinet in just 1-2-3 for your bedroom, office, storage room, living room, or toilet.

Custom ceiling cabinets

A hanging cabinet fits under any ceiling. Whether you want to store files, your laptop, or office supplies in your office, hang a neat cabinet in the toilet, or fill the wall above your bed, your ceiling cabinet can be customized to fit any space in the house.

Custom ceiling cabinet above a desk in Front White color

Custom hanging cabinet, as part of a complete desk setup. Colors: Front White and wood tone Sand. View more photos of desk installations

Hanging storage cabinet for a desk

With a ceiling cabinet in your office space, you create a tidy (home) workspace. It's ideal for storing chargers, cables, files, printer paper, and office supplies, keeping your desk neatly organized.

You have the option to choose from 23 colors and wood textures to perfectly match your personal taste. Additionally, for opening the cabinet doors, you can choose between handleless options or various handles.

If you want to combine the hanging cabinets in your office with other cabinet modules, that's perfectly possible! In your online design, you can select a ceiling cabinet as part of a wall combination.

You can also opt for a matching desk shelf. For this, please email us at

Bridge cabinet with custom hanging cabinets in a bedroom

Wall combination of a wardrobe and a custom ceiling cabinet above the bedroom door. Color: Front White.

Ceiling cabinet for the bedroom

In the bedroom, you can also combine your ceiling cabinet into a custom wall unit.

  • Bridge cabinet: As part of a bed bridge, the ceiling cabinet hangs above the headboard between the tall cabinets on the left and right sides of the bed.

  • Wall combination: Combine your wardrobe with an additional hanging cabinet above the door of your bedroom? That's compact and practical!
Custom ceiling cabinet in the toilet in the color Front White

Custom ceiling cabinet in the toilet. Color: Front White.

Wall-mounted cabinet for the toilet

Do you enjoy a nice, sleek, and tidy toilet? Then a wall-mounted cabinet above the toilet is a must-have. This cabinet is custom-made to fit perfectly between the concealed cistern and the ceiling.

In this toilet cabinet, you can neatly store toilet rolls, hand towels, or books. If desired, you can create a handy niche underneath the cabinet for decorations such as a plant, scent sticks, or a photo frame.

Custom wall-mounted cabinet in a garage, in the color Front White

Custom ceiling cabinet and dresser in the garage. Color: Front White.

Overhead cabinet for garage or storage

In your overhead cabinet in the garage or storage room, you can store a variety of items, from laundry products to cleaning supplies or tools.

  • In the utility room or laundry area, you can match your overhead cabinet with low storage cabinets whose tops can serve as work surfaces.
  • Along the garage wall, you can alternate deep lower cabinets with shallower upper cabinets.
Custom ceiling cabinet above a desk in the color Industrial Green

Wall combination of a storage cabinet and custom ceiling cabinet above a desk. Color: Industrial Green. View more photos of desk installations

Ceiling cabinets living room or kitchen

Because ceiling cabinets are finished on all sides, they offer unlimited possibilities. Pair them with a sideboard to create a coffee corner? Check! Install them above a desk in the living room or kitchen? Choose your design in the 3D design tool on this website.

Design your custom ceiling cabinet in the design tool

Design your ceiling cabinet online

Step 1: Measure the available space.
Step 2: Design your ceiling cabinet online. Choose your hanging cabinet modules, layout, colors, handles, and more! You'll see the exact price and delivery date of your design immediately.