Review policy

  • Publication of reviews

    Reviews and ratings collected via our website or through third parties are not automatically published on this website. The reviews currently displayed on this site are authentic experiences shared by real customers via Google reviews and our website. We have carefully selected the most heartwarming reviews from satisfied customers, without any specific ranking. These original Dutch reviews were translated into English, and a quote was highlighted to form a title. Every day, we are dedicated to making each customer happy, and we regularly share positive reviews with the entire team to motivate us to continue providing the best service. Customer satisfaction is our primary driving force, and we want to emphasize that.

  • Collecting reviews

    Consumers have the freedom to review Maatkasten Online products on their own initiative through this website or via third-party platforms such as Google Reviews. We do not employ a third-party to approach our customers and request reviews. As part of creative and sponsored collaborations, we may request the sharing of experiences through third-party platforms, such as Google Reviews. To ensure complete transparency, we add the label 'sponsored collaboration' to the review. The creator is free to provide their review in their own way, without any obligation. Honesty and genuine experiences are of utmost importance, and we welcome all feedback within this context.

  • Customer satisfaction score

    We take great pride in our wonderful customer satisfaction score and the accompanying stars, directly sourced from Google reviews. You can trust that this published score is reliable and authentic. The feedback from our customers is invaluable, and we place significant importance on their experiences. Furthermore, Maatkasten Online is certified by, and you can also check our satisfaction score on their platform.

  • Requirements for reviews on this website

    Every customer has the opportunity to write and submit a review via the form on our reviews page. To post a review, the customer must be logged in and have placed an order for a custom-made cabinet, ensuring the authenticity of the feedback. It is essential to mention that Maatkasten Online currently does not offer any commercial benefits or rewards to customers for writing reviews on our website.

    When writing a review, we expect it to be relevant to the specific product or service. We value both positive and negative experiences as long as they are genuine. However, we do not permit reviews that are offensive, hateful, racist, commercial, or irrelevant (e.g., spam), as well as fake reviews. Our focus is on honest feedback.

    Please note that reviews and ratings submitted through our website are not automatically published on our website. They are utilized as valuable feedback to improve our service and offerings, aiming to provide our customers with an optimal experience.

  • Reporting fake reviews

    If you come across a review on this website that you suspect is not genuine, you can report it. To do so, please contact our customer service and specify which review you are referring to. Maatkasten Online will then validate the authenticity of the review. If the review is indeed found to be fake, we will remove it.