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Bathroom wall cabinet

Practical and stylish storage in the toilet? Even for the smallest room in your house, there are endless possibilities. You can fully utilize the available space above the finished built-in reservoir with a custom bathroom cabinet. Get started in our configurator and choose the style, color, and materials that add the right atmosphere to your toilet.

Design your toilet cabinet
Built-in bathroom wall cabinet
Green bathroom wall cabinet

Designing your toilet? Create serenity!

In smaller spaces, clutter can quickly make the area feel chaotic. Practical storage for toilet paper, hand towels, and hygiene products is always essential. By optimizing the available space with a custom cabinet, you're well on your way to establishing a luxurious toilet.

If you've neatly finished the built-in reservoir, consider installing a handy, compact custom cabinet above it. Such a cabinet comes with nothing but advantages: by neatly stowing everything away, not only does the toilet space exude a tidy and organized appearance, but it also ensures that all your items remain dust-free.

Custom bathroom cabinet
 Custom floating furniture above the toilet
Green bathroom wall cabinet
Black bathroom wall cabinet
 Custom storage cabinet above the toilet with a walnut wood look

✓ A solution for every setup

Whether positioned between two walls or freestanding in the room, we've got you covered. Between two walls, we provide spacers for a seamless built-in effect. If there are visible sides, we neatly finish your toilet cabinet with additional side panels.

✓ Space for decoration

Leave space between your cabinet and the reservoir, creating a floating wall cabinet with a spot for decoration. A handy tip: if you want to store toilet rolls, opt for at least an additional 12 cm of space, considering the average height and diameter of a toilet roll.

✓ The perfect depth

You can customize the depth entirely to your liking, even down to just 16 cm. For comparison, a built-in reservoir typically has an average depth of 20 cm.

Black built-in toilet cabinet
White built-in toilet cabinet
 Wall-mounted cabinet above the toilet

Personalize your bathroom cabinet

Whether you prefer a minimalist and neutral look or something bold and distinctive, the options to customize your bathroom cabinet are endless. Choose the colors, style, and handles yourself to bring your taste to life.

Choosing the color for my bathroom wall cabinet

Bathroom cabinet: What color?

Do you want to paint the cabinet to match your bathroom? Opt for an MDF exterior finish and paint the cabinet in the colors of your bathroom. Add U-grooves for a contemporary, rustic look with a slat effect.
If you lean towards a more eye-catching design, go for trendy colors or warm wood textures. Explore our color collection in the color wheel and request free color samples to find the perfect match.

Choosing the handles for my bathroom wall cabinet

Finish with the right handles

Personalize your bathroom cabinet with the right handles, from sleek minimalism with a push-to-open system to stylishly colored handles like anthracite, gold, or even leather.

Tip: for a cohesive look, match the handles with the color of other accessories in your bathroom, such as the toilet paper holder, faucets, or door handles.

 The perfect dimensions for my custom toilet cabinet

How to measure the space for your bathroom cabinet?

It's simple: measure the height, width, and depth at three different locations and use the smallest measurement. You don't need to account for clearance; we'll calculate that for you. This ensures a perfectly fitting cabinet for your bathroom.

If you want a completely worry-free experience, take advantage of our home measuring service. Not only will you get accurate measurements, but also expert advice from our professionals.

How to install a cabinet above the toilet?

Similar to all our other custom cabinets, your bathroom cabinet will be delivered as a convenient self-assembly kit, directly to your home in Belgium or the Netherlands. We make it easy for you with perfectly cut panels, each equipped with handy stickers for trouble-free assembly.

Additionally, you'll receive a box with all the necessary supplies, including hanging hooks, screws, hinges, and optionally handles. Everything you need, in other words. Thanks to the user-friendly Minifix system, the assembly is a breeze. This ensures you can quickly and effortlessly enjoy your custom-made bathroom cabinet.

Design your perfect custom toilet cabinet in the online configurator

Design your ideal bathroom cabinet

Use the simple 3D tool: enter your dimensions, choose the layout, select colors and handles. Done! You'll immediately see the exact price.