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Technical cabinet

Want to hide pipes, meters, your modem, or water softener? With a custom-made technical cabinet, you can conceal them in style while keeping everything accessible. This smart enclosure is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. You can perfectly integrate it into a complete wall of cabinets, making it hard to notice that technical installations are hidden behind the cabinet doors.

Design your technical cabinet
Hide unsightly pipes and wires with a bespoke technical cabinet
Corner wardrobe with technical cabinet module in Front White colour

Bespoke corner cabinet wall with technical cabinet. Colour: Front White.

Custom technical cabinet

The technical systems in your home provide comfort through electricity, (hot) water, or heating. They operate behind the scenes, which is exactly where you want to keep them. With a custom-made technical cabinet, you can hide pipes and cables, the electrical panel, or boiler in a sleek enclosure. Unsightly technical installations disappear behind stylish cabinet doors.

Want to integrate your technical cabinet into a full wall of cabinets? That’s perfectly possible! Try our 3D design tool and see how you can create your own custom enclosure.

Made-to-measure cupboard wall with technology cabinet in Front White colour

Bespoke cabinet wall with technology cabinet. Colour: Front White.

What is a technical cabinet?

A technical cabinet is the ideal enclosure to hide unattractive technical installations behind stylish cabinet doors. This custom cabinet is also known as an casing, meter cabinet, or fuse box.

It consists of a wooden frame placed in front of the 'cabinet contents.' 1 or 2 cabinet doors are attached to this frame.

Unlike a storage cabinet, a technical cabinet has no back wall, no side walls, and no shelves. So, it’s not a real cabinet but rather an enclosure around your technical systems. What exactly is a technical cabinet? A custom enclosure made by the most affordable carpenter in the country.

Techniekenkast op maat. Verbergen van meterkast en leidingen.

Technical Cabinet in the Laundry Room. Color: Front White. Handles: Tonton, pink. View more photos of this laundry room ▸

Benefits of a technical cabinet

Your technical systems are neatly hidden behind stylish cabinet doors. Think of heating pipes, collectors, the electrical panel, meters, your modem, or water softener.

Your technical installations remain perfectly accessible for maintenance or check-ups. Just open the cabinet doors…

Your devices are dust-free.

Perfectly combinable in a full wall of cabinets (in your dressing room, bathroom, laundry room, or garage).

Bespoke built-in technology cabinet

Technical cabinet in the pantry. Exterior finish: MDF with vertical grooves. See more photos of this house ▸

Features of a technical cabinet

Your technical cabinet can be custom-made starting from a width of 35 cm.

  • The frame has a depth of 13 cm. Together with the cabinet doors, the total depth is 15 cm.
  • The base height is standard at 8 cm with a depth of 12 cm. With the adjustable base legs, you can level the base perfectly.
  • Options for wall-to-wall installation, free-standing, or semi-free-standing, with the possibility of side panels.
  • Color options: Choose from 23 different colors or wood tones with visible and tangible textures.
  • Handles: Various handles available, such as push to open, modern, or classic.

Your technical cabinet, like all other cabinets from Maatkasten Online, is made with professional carpenter-quality materials.

Design your made-to-measure technical cabinet in the design tool

Design your enclosure online

With the 3D tool, you can design your cabinet exactly as you want. In almost all types of cabinets, you can add a technical cabinet. In 'STEP 3: Cupboard layout,' simply select the technical cabinet module and add it to your cabinet design.