Design your made-to-measure cupboard

Bespoke cabinets in self-assembly? Of course!

Our made-to-measure cupboards are affordable and can be delivered quickly. How is that possible? Because of our smart and high-quality system for custom-made cupboards. In our 3D design tool, you put together the ideal made-to-measure cupboard. You combine layouts, shelves and drawers and choose from various wood finishes, colours and handles. The result is the perfect made-to-measure cupboard for your space. The made-to-measure cupboard is produced in our factory, always with materials of joinery quality.

But what about installation?

You can rest on both ears for that as well. In the design, you can take obstacles such as radiators, sloping floors or sloping walls into account. So you get a made-to-measure cupboard that is accurate down to the last millimetre! Setting up our made-to-measure cupboards as DIY furniture? That's easy with the clear assembly instructions. Step by step you set up your made-to-measure cupboard... And before you know it you are filling and arranging it. Have fun!