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Laundry closet

Realise your ideal laundry room with a custom-made laundry cabinet, the perfect built-in cabinet for your washing machine and dryer. This laundry cupboard fits perfectly from floor to ceiling. Choose from 30 different set-ups, regardless of whether you have 1 or 4 washing machines.

Whether you want to place your washing machine at an ergonomic height, need a pull-out shelf for your laundry basket, it's all possible! Combine your custom-made laundry cabinet with other storage cabinets for a total customised design!

Design your laundry cabinet online now
Laundry closet made to mesure in laundry room

Custom-made laundry cabinet for your space

What makes your laundry cupboard from Maatkasten Online unique is that your cabinet fully adapts to the available space. No standard height, but a made-to-measure cupboard that runs perfectly from floor to ceiling.

Perfect fit from floor to ceiling: Dust-free at the top.

Adjustable depth: Also for extra-deep washing machines.

Personalised: You choose arrangement, colours, and handles.

Vibration-resistant and ultra-solid, fully customised and accessible techniques through the removable back. This is how we designed your laundry cabinet.
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Top-quality laundry cabinet

At Maatkasten Online, top quality has been our mission from the very beginning. Our goal is to bring professional cabinetmaker quality directly to your home. We never compromise when it comes to the quality of your bespoke cabinets. 

  Suitable for heavy washing machines up to 120 kg: Vibration-resistant and specially reinforced for your appliances. 

  Top-quality materials: We only use durable materials from renowned brands such as Unilin or Blum.

100% Belgian-made: Each part of your laundry cabinet is manufactured with precision in our own production workshop in Maldegem.

  Safe: Your built-in laundry cabinet can never fall over 

From laundry cabinet to closet wall

Not only choose from different laundry cabinet combinations, but also complement your laundry cabinet with storage cupboards. That way, you can easily create a stunning wall-to-wall wardrobe. Space for your ironing board, laundry baskets, hoover, lonely socks, linen and more.

Combine with storage cabinets and wardrobes: Create your smart and versatile storage space.

  Hide technical installations: Combine with a technical cabinet to discreetly hide pipes or collectors.

  Perfect fit from wall to wall: Make the most of the space around your laundry cabinet!

Your practical laundry cabinet

The laundry cabinet is designed to perfectly hide taps and pipes behind it, with plenty of space at the back.

✓ Through the openings or removable back, your pipes are perfectly accessible for maintenance or check-ups.

External dimensions of the laundry module:

  • Overall height: Customised, from 175 cm to 280 cm 
  • Width: Customised, from 65 cm
  • Depth adjustable: From 65 cm to 80 cm 
  • Space behind the module for tap and drain: 6 cm

Pull-out shelf for laundry basket at comfortable working height: extendable to 50 cm

Frequently asked questions

  • Will my tap and drain fit behind the laundry cabinet?

    Yes! A compact and flat wall tap and drain pipe fits behind the washing machine. There is 6 cm of space between the back of the cabinet and the wall. Thanks to the removable back or openings, your tap is accessible for inspection or maintenance.

    Do you have a full cabinet wall? Thanks to the openings provided, your pipes can run across the entire width.

    Do you have any technical or practical questions about this? Contact us, we will be happy to help!

  • Can I install my laundry cabinet myself?

    Yes! You can easily assemble your laundry cabinet yourself! The DIY laundry cabinet is designed so that anyone can install it. Even without technical knowledge. Everyone also receives clear assembly instructions.

    A helpline is always available during assembly. The after-sales team is there for you!

  • At what height should the tap and drain be installed?

    We recommend installing the tap and drain between 15 cm and 55 cm height from the floor.

    If you choose a washing machine at height, your plumbing will fall exactly behind the removable back of your laundry cabinet. This means you won't have to lift your heavy washing machine out of the cabinet to reach the pipes. Just take out the drawer and remove the removable back, and you have easy access to the pipes. Convenient and practical!

  • Should the cabinet be fixed to the wall?

    No, this is not necessary. Your custom-made laundry cabinet is safely and securely built in between floor and ceiling and cannot fall over.

  • Can the cabinet support a heavy washing machine weighing up to 120 kg?

    Yes! Your bespoke cabinet is sufficiently ultra-solid and can be loaded with heavy machines without any problems.

  • What material is the laundry cabinet made of?

    Your solid laundry cabinet is manufactured from high-quality melamine material from the Unilin brand. The panels are 18 mm thick and damp-proof edged.

    The soft-close hinges and guides are of the Blum brand. You can read more about our quality and materials here.

  • At what height will the washing machine be placed in the cabinet?

    The washing machines at an ergonomic working height: 59 cm from the ground. Additional storage space is available under the washing machine. Here you can choose handy shelves, a spacious drawer or a drawer with a pull-out tray for easy loading and unloading of your laundry.

  • How deep should my laundry cabinet be?

    Choose this depth for your laundry cabinet: depth of washer + 5 centimetres

    For example:

    • If you have an appliance with a depth of 60 cm, choose a cabinet depth of 65 cm.
    • If you have an appliance with a depth of 65 cm, choose a cabinet depth of 70 cm.
    • If you have 2 or more appliances, take the depth of your deepest appliance + 5 cm.
  • How do I measure my laundry room myself?

    To design your custom-made laundry cabinet online, you need to know the height, width and depth of the available space:

    • You may measure the height from floor to ceiling. Measure in 3 places and take the smallest measurement.
    • You may measure the width from wall to wall. Measure in 3 places and take the smallest measurement.
    • For the depth of your laundry cabinet, take the depth of your deepest laundry cabinet + 5 cm.

    For example: For a washing appliance 60 cm deep, choose a cabinet depth of 65 cm.

    You don't need to take any slack into account, we will provide it automatically.

    Need extra help measuring? No problem, our measuring experts will be happy to come to your home. They will also give you extra advice and configure the made-to-measure cupboards ready-made for you. Discover the measurement service here.

  • What are all the interior and exterior dimensions of the laundry cabinet?

    The laundry cabinet is designed to perfectly hide taps and pipes behind it, with plenty of space in the back. Through the openings or removable back, your pipes are perfectly accessible for maintenance or check-ups:

    External dimensions of the wash module:

    • Height: Customised, from 175 cm to 280 cm.

    If your space is lower than 175 cm or higher than 280 cm, let us know! We are sure to have a suitable solution.

    • Width: Single-width module: 65 cm, Double-width module: 130 cm
    • Depth: Custom-made from 65 cm to 80 cm

    To determine the depth of your laundry cabinet, take the depth of your laundry cabinet + 5 cm

    Example: For a basin 60 cm deep, choose a cabinet depth of 65 cm.

    • Space behind the back of the module for tap and drain: 6 cm
    • Height of plinth: 8 cm 
    • Wash unit height: 59 cm from the floor 
    • Pull-out tray for wash basket: extendable to 50 cm

    Interior dimensions of the washing module:

    • Wash unit niche height: 86.5 cm 
    • Wash unit recess width: 61.4 cm
    • Wash tub recess depth: 63 cm
    • Inside dimensions of drawer at bottom: 53,8 cm x 47,7 cm 

    Material properties:

    • Panel thickness: 18 mm
    • Double thickness (2 x 18 mm) beneath the appliances.

Design your laundry room online

Get started!

Step 1: Measure the available space

Step 2: Design your laundry room online. Choose your laundry modules, layout, colours, handles and more! You will immediately see the exact price and delivery date of your design.

Extra easy with the measuring service

Need help? Our expert will be happy to come to your home. He will measure your space, give you advice and also bring along all the colour samples and handles. After his visit, you will receive the ready-made designs of your laundry room. Extra easy!

Tailor made laundry closet in oak structure by maatkasten online

The laundry cabinet: scoop on BIS fair

This year, we proudly presented the brand new laundry cabinet at the BIS fair. Couldn't be there? No problem! Take a look at all the photos of the laundry cabinet on our website, and also discover the other beautiful tailor made cupboards we showed there.