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All the details about the delivery of your furniture

Delivery from maatkastenonline

Are you counting down the days until your new made-to-measure wardrobe arrives or have you already moved your furniture around in the living room to make space for your new chest of drawers? Discover here some helpful information, so that the delivery of your bespoke furniture goes as smoothly as possible.

Fast delivery time

When you order bespoke furniture from us, you will usually receive it within 3 to 10 weeks. That is not by chance. Maatkasten Online is the fitted furniture company that delivers the fastest in Belgium and the Netherlands, which is something we take pride in. Incidentally, we’re also the proud winner of the Logistic Champion Award. This prize is awarded to companies with exceptionally reliable and rapid delivery

Choose your delivery date

When you place an order with us, you’ll see a calendar with the available delivery dates once you complete your order. We deliver Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 7 pm. 

We will email you or call you a few days before the delivery to tell you the approximate time we will arrive. On the day itself, the driver will notify you half an hour before he arrives at your house.

Delivery to a ground floor location

All deliveries are brought by lorry to the ground floor of your home. If you live in a flat and you have booked a removal lift, let us know at least 3 weeks in advance so we can coordinate the delivery accordingly. We'd be happy to arrange the timing that suits you best.

We estimate that the delivery will take an hour. If the delivery takes longer due to a delay that is beyond our control, for instance if the removal lift is not available at the agreed time, then we will charge an extra 10 euros per additional quarter of an hour. To keep delivery costs as low as possible for you, we only send out one driver. For this reason, please make sure there are enough people to lend a hand with unloading the components.

The package

An order consists of various panels which you will later use to assemble your furniture. The panels are placed on a wooden transportation pallet in our workshop. We cover this pallet in film to ensure that the package remains free from dust and damage. All of the panels will be unloaded separately and without packaging. Why do we do this? Since each panel has a different shape and size, we would have to use a large amount of packaging material to pack each panel. We prefer to avoid any unnecessary packaging. As a result, you will not have to leave cardboard piled up outside your house afterwards and you will save an average of 150 euros on packaging costs. Everyone benefits! Despite this, you can rest assured when you place an order with us. We arrange everything in our vehicles so that each panel arrives at your house safely and undamaged.

Ready to receive your wardrobe or cabinet?

Now the time has come to start assembling it. You will soon be enjoying your bespoke furniture! If you have any other questions about delivery, please contact us at or call +32 50 69 59 01 (9 am - 5 pm) and we will be pleased to help you.