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Sideboard and chest of drawers

Looking for a timeless sideboard or a functional chest of drawers? Give your interior a personal touch with a made-to-measure chest of drawers. Large or small, built-in or free-standing, in the living room or children's room ... discover endless possibilities of a made-to-measure chest of drawers.

Design your sideboard
Made-to-measure floating chest of drawers in seashell and essential oak natural, in the living room from Maatkasten Online

Dresser, chest of drawers, buffet cabinet: what's in a name?

Dresser, chest of drawers, buffet cabinet... there are only few pieces of furniture that have as many names as the "dresser." Although they are all cabinets used for storage, there is a subtle difference. And it primarily has to do with the function of the cabinet and the room in which the cabinet is located. 

How tall should your commode or dresser be?

When determining the ideal height and depth for your commode or dresser, it's good to consider comfort, usability, and style. When these three factors are balanced, you'll have a practical piece of furniture that meets all your needs.

Dresser alongside bespoke dressing room in a nursery

The ideal dimensions for a (baby) commode

The average height of a commode ranges between 90 and 105 cm. However, consider your own height to ensure a comfortable posture. If you're using the commode as a changing table for your baby, make sure the worktop is at least 75 cm long and 55 to 60 cm deep to accommodate the changing pad and other baby items.

Floating cabinet in the living room between walls by maatkastenonline

How tall should your dresser be?

Usually, the height of a dresser is around 90 cm, but your ideal height depends on various factors. If your dresser stands freely in the room, you can choose the height freely. If you place the dresser next to a dining table, it's best to follow the height of that table. Also, consider movement space when determining the depth, especially with open doors.

Made-to-measure floating chest of drawers in Industrial Green

Your commode, your style

Built-in or freestanding? Floating or on the ground? Open or closed elements? With a custom dresser or commode, you have countless possibilities. The choice is yours for the ultimate design. Need inspiration?

Sideboard in living room with concrete paint

Custom Dresser or Commode Cabinet

Bold, timeless, sleek, or colorful? With us, you choose from a range of materials, colors, and accessories to finish your dresser or commode entirely according to your taste. Are you a fan of a timeless wood texture or a trendy color? Anything is possible. And when you opt for an external finish in MDF, you can go in any direction: think of concrete look, mortex, or a specific RAL color.

Even the details make your commode unique. Make it trendy with a push-to-open system or a minimalist handle, or choose stainless steel or black hinges that complete the design.

A hand with three colour samples for a custom-made wardrobe
New collection

Free colour samples

Curious about how your favorite colors look in real life? Request free color samples and mix and match according to your taste.

Made-to-measure floating chest of drawers in seashell and essential oak natural, in the living room by Maatkasten Online

Design your perfect custom commode

Design your perfect custom commode Start now and design your commode online. See the result immediately. Choose the dimensions, select your favorite layout and colors, and add fun handles to make your commode completely unique. Curious?