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Collaborate with Maatkasten Online

Are you a passionate interior enthusiast? Do you enjoy inspiring others with your own custom-made cabinets? And do you want to be part of our mission: affordable, high-quality custom cabinets for everyone? Become an ambassador of Maatkasten Online!

All you need is one or more social media accounts, a loyal community (> 2000 followers in Belgium), and, of course, a great love for creating authentic and creative content.

Content creator Romy Van Haecke in her custom dressing.

Collaboration with Romy Van Haecke (@romyvanhaecke)

Katrien Verhoeven and her custom-made wardrobe.

Collaboration with Katrien Verhoeven (@katrienverh)

Charlotte Cleeren enjoys her custom-made chest of drawers in her living room.Content creator Romy Van Haecke in her custom dressing.

Collaboration with Charlotte Cleeren (@charlottecleeren)

What is a Maatkasten Online ambassador?

Inspiration Source

As a Maatkasten Online ambassador, you become the source of inspiration for others looking to enhance their living spaces and seeking the perfect custom storage solution.

Connection with our brand

At Maatkasten Online, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful custom cabinet without it being super expensive. We value quality and sustainability but also want to keep it affordable. With our do-it-yourself concept, you can design a professional custom cabinet online and assemble it yourself with a unique mounting system. Do you also think everyone should get to know this concept?

Content creator

Through powerful videos, photos, blogs, or vlogs, you take your followers on a journey through your Maatkasten Online experience. You share your approach, from idea to realization, in a quality manner that aligns with your style and authenticity.

Want to collaborate with us? Get in touch!

If you're eager to share your experience with Maatkasten Online, send a quick email to, and who knows, you might become one of our ambassadors!