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Create a unique look with a made-to-measure cupboard in MDF

A custom-made wardrobe in concrete look, a refined microcement finish, or a specific RAL color? Everything is possible! With an exterior in MDF, you have the freedom to finish your wardrobe according to your preferences.

Made-to-measure sideboard with concrete look from Maatkasten Online

Made-to-measure storage cupboard in MDF, painted with textured paint for a concrete look / Option: Longer doors / Handle: Handleless / Extra thick upper panel: 36 mm

Woman designs wardrobe via Maatkasten Online configurator

Design your cabinets online with the configurator.

Your custom MDF wardrobe

At Maatkasten Online, you have complete freedom to choose the colors of your custom wardrobe, both for the exterior, interior, and the shelf. There are 23 different color options, including MDF. Only for the visible exterior and the shelf can you opt for MDF.

So, if you choose the MDF option, your doors, infill panels, and/or upper shelf will be made of MDF. This gives you the freedom to paint the visible exterior of your custom wardrobe as you wish, while this is not necessary for the interior.

Dressing cabinet in mdf with long recessed handles by Charlotte Cleeren

Dressing with exterior in MDF / Option: Doors run longer to bottom and top / Handle: Milled long. View more photos of this realisation ▸

Bespoke wardrobe in mdf with coloured interior in Dusty Coral from Maatkasten Online

Hallway cupboard with exterior in MDF and as interior colour: Dusty Coral / Option: Doors run longer to bottom and top / Handle: Milled short

Customised hallway cupboard with push-to-open system

Hallway cupboard with exterior finish in MDF and as interior colour: Front White / Handle: Milled short

Painting your MDF wardrobe

With a custom-made MDF wardrobe, you determine the unique appearance of your furniture. Do you want the same color as your walls? Or would you prefer a wardrobe with textured paint for a concrete look? Perhaps a shelf with a microcement finish appeals to you? The possibilities are endless. Consult your paint specialist for achieving the desired effect. Discuss the primer, the number of paint layers, and the use of a brush or roller – your paint specialist has the right tips!

The MDF from Maatkasten Online is brown MDF with a white lacquer-carrying film. This film acts as a primer, reducing the absorption of paint by the MDF. In most cases, it is still advisable to use a primer.

To ensure the durability of your custom wardrobe, it is wise to paint both the inside and outside of the panels. This additional step not only minimizes the risk of warping but also ensures that your wardrobe remains aesthetically pleasing for an extended period.

Hallway cupboard in modern country style thanks to vertical U-grooves

Built-in wardrobe in modern country style / Exterior finish in MDF with vertical U-grooves / Option: longer doors / Interior colour: Elegant Black / Black clothes bar. View more photos of this realisation here ▸

Wardrobe with vertical grooves for a modern rural look

Are you looking for a wardrobe that perfectly complements your modern rural interior? Consider a custom wardrobe with vertical U-grooves. This special option creates a beautiful interplay of lines and is only available on MDF cabinets.

Here's how to add grooves in the configurator:
Select MDF for the exterior finish in STEP 4. Go to 'options' and choose grooves. These grooves will be nicely distributed across the width of your custom wardrobe. If you want more or fewer vertical grooves on your doors, feel free to let us know when ordering your wardrobe.

Recessed Handles: Exclusive to an MDF wardrobe

With an extensive range of as many as 32 handles, there is no shortage of choice. Whether you lean towards a subtle, small handle or a striking one, your favorite handle gives the custom wardrobe the perfect finishing touch. For a streamlined look, you can also opt for a handle-free Push-to-open system (also known as the Tip-on system). Only with MDF cabinets do you have an additional handle choice: Recessed handles.

Free-standing cupboard in mdf with long recessed handles

Freestanding made-to-measure cupboard in mdf with long recessed handles / Option: longer doors

Recessed handles

If you love an elegant and chic appearance, these recessed handles are the perfect option. You can choose between 2 types of recesses:

  • Short recess: Your handle is recessed by 30 cm, with the top of your handle at a height of 1 meter.
  • Long recess: Your handle is recessed to the ground, with the top of your handle also at 1 meter height.

TIP: Combine this with doors that extend to the ground for a luxurious result. This is possible in STEP 4. Go to 'options' and choose to make your doors extend longer to the bottom and top.

Bespoke cupboard with connecting bench with vertical U-grooves for a modern country look

Wall unit with bench in MDF / Option: Vertical U-grooves (1 groove per door). View more photos of this project ▸

bespoke chest of drawers finished with a textured paint for a concrete look

Made-to-measure sideboard in MDF, painted with textured paint for a concrete look / Option: Longer doors / Handle: Handleless / Extra thick top panel: 36 mm

TV cabinet finished with a textured paint and mortex finish

TV cabinet / MDF, finished with textured paint and tablet with RD Finish (Mortex look) / Option: Longer doors / Handle: Handleless. View more photos of this home ▸

Influencer Romy Vanhaecke in her dressing room with her bespoke mdf wardrobe with short recessed handles

Romy's Studio

From mood board to reality, read here how Romy realized her dream studio. She chose a custom wardrobe with an MDF exterior finish and short recessed handles. She painted the wardrobe in 'Blush White,' just like the walls, to visually enlarge the room.

Charlotte Cleeren in her living room with a custom-made TV cabinet from Maatkasten Online

Luxurious-looking custom wardrobes

Step into the new home of Charlotte Cleeren and be inspired. She chose a finish with textured paint and a microcement look for her MDF custom wardrobes. Curious? Watch her home tour!

Measurement expert from Maatkasten Online measures space under stairs for a bespoke cupboard

Get advice for your MDF wardrobes

Doubts about the appearance or layout of your custom-made MDF wardrobes? Contact our customer service or have a measurement advisor come to your home. Our experts bring all color samples, including an MDF sample, and a demo of the recessed handles. Moreover, they measure all spaces accurately and create ready-made 3D designs for your wardrobe.