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The ultimate space utilization? Opt for a cupboard under the stairs

Wondering how to make the most of the space under your stairs? Choose a custom-made stair cupboard and create order by neatly storing coats, shoes, backpacks, or other items. How to get started? We inspire you with practical tips to personalize your stair cupboard 100%.

White custom-made stair cupboard

Organizing the space under the stairs

For many families, the space under the stairs is a wasted area that remains unused. By using every centimeter wisely, you can store many items here. Especially when the stairs are located in the entrance hall, this is the perfect place to store coats and shoes.

Black custom-made cupboard under the stairs

Cloakroom under the Stairs

A fan of a wardrobe under the stairs? Choose a stair cupboard with doors to store coats, shoes, and bags out of sight of visitors.

A Play Area

Is your staircase integrated into the living space? Create a play corner for the children. Extra handy: with doors, you can neatly close everything when it's bedtime.


Always useful: extra space to store groceries. Even the vacuum cleaner, ironing board, and cleaning supplies can be easily stored here.

Layout of the stair cupboard

If you want to install a stair cupboard, think in advance about the function of the cupboard. Are you going for a hidden dressing room or cloakroom? Or perhaps a practical pantry?

Let your creativity run wild, but consider the space you have and the size of the items you want to store when designing. Are you going for a cupboard full of shelves, with a clothes rail, or handy drawers? Imagine the most optimal layout and create not only extra storage space but also a completely new look for your stairs.


Is your stair cupboard about 80 centimeters deep? Consider integrating drawers at the bottom to easily access all your items.

Built-in cupboard under stairs: Finishing

Planning to order a stair cupboard? Choose from a wide range of colors and wood textures with materials of the highest quality. For both the interior and exterior of your custom-made cupboard, mix and match until you find the perfect look.


For stair cupboards, we do not provide the infill panels to measure, only in excess. This means you can cut them to size yourself, or you can choose to have them delivered to measure after installing the stair cupboard. Simply measure the distances between the cupboard and the (slanted) walls, and we will make perfectly fitting battens and deliver them to your home.

Measurement service for custom-made stair cupboard

Installing a stair cupboard: Pure precision work

Precise dimensions are crucial for a custom-made stair cupboard. If you want to be sure, use our measuring service. Especially if you doubt whether the floor is level, this service is highly recommended. Our expert comes to measure on-site and advises you on colors and finishing options.