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A cozy home filled with custom-made cabinets

Take a look at this beautiful home where you'll find a custom-made closet from Bespoke Cabinets Online in every room. And admit it, a house full of custom closets is everyone's dream, right?

Concevez votre armoire sur mesure en ligne grâce au configurateur pratique.

Custom cabinets under a sloped roof / Exterior color: Industrial Green, Interior color: Front White / Handles: Push to open / Design executed with the measuring service

Why Maatkasten Online?

The young owners of this beautiful home had already had positive experiences with Maatkasten Online. Since the custom cabinets in their previous residence had been so well-received, they chose Maatkasten Online again when furnishing their new house. To materialize their ideas, they utilized the measuring service. Especially in a house with many sloping sides, it is advisable to have an expert at home to provide advice and accurately measure the spaces.

Together with the measurer, they discussed how the custom cabinets could be best arranged to optimize each space. The colors were also extensively discussed using color samples, and the result is a beautiful color palette!

Custom cabinet under stairs

Custom staircase cabinet / Color: Front White / Handles: Push to open

The entrance hall with practical storage space under the stairs

Upon entering the home, you immediately encounter the first custom cabinet. A cloakroom cabinet has been provided under the stairs, offering storage space for coats and shoes. This cleverly utilizes the available space in a relatively narrow hallway, keeping everything neatly organized.

Cozy bedroom with a custom pink wardrobe

Waking up in this bedroom is a delightful experience. The first rays of Sunday morning sunlight illuminate this beautiful wardrobe in the color 'Dusty Coral,' casting a pink glow throughout the entire room.

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Custom bedroom wardrobe in the color 'Dusty Coral'

Custom wardrobe / Color: Dusty Coral / Wider infill panel on the left for incorporating power outlets

This room exudes spaciousness due to its high ceiling. The wardrobe extends over a height of 285 cm, running seamlessly from floor to ceiling. This ensures the entire height is utilized as practical storage space, eliminating the issue of dust accumulating on top of the custom cabinet. Apart from that, a floor-to-ceiling custom wardrobe simply looks very stylish.

Pink custom-made wardrobe
Pink wardrobe custom made
Custom cabinet wall for bedroom
Incorporating electrical outlets into a custom cabinet

Incorporating power outlets into the cabinet

If you have power outlets where your custom cabinet will be placed, you can integrate them into the infill panels. In this cabinet, an extra-wide infill panel was installed between the wall and the cabinet. The power outlets are conveniently incorporated into this panel. In the configurator, you have the freedom to adjust the width of your infill panels.

And what about the wall skirting?
Do you already have skirting on the wall where your custom cabinet will be placed? No worries, the cabinet usually extends above the existing skirting. The custom cabinet sits on a very sturdy base with a standard height of 8 cm. In most cases, you don't need to remove your existing skirting. It's sufficient to create a recess in the cabinet skirting so that it neatly aligns.

bespoke wardrobe with a clothes elevator

Clothing Lift

To make use of the full height of 285 cm, a clothing lift was cleverly chosen here. If you have a tall cabinet, a clothing lift (or wardrobe lift) is recommended. With the clothing lift, your clothes hang high in the cabinet, and with the pull rod on the lift, you can easily bring the clothes down to you. You can choose between a stainless steel (inox) or black variant.

Cozy living room

The living room exudes a warm and homely atmosphere. The TV cabinet, finished in a neutral white color (Front White), enhances the numerous plants and decorative elements. A freestanding piece of furniture with a combination of open and closed sections was chosen here. This allows for the discreet storage of items such as throws while simultaneously displaying cozy books.

white custom tv cabinet

Custom TV Cabinet / Color: Front White / Handles: Push to open

As an extra touch, the customer added a built-in LED strip at the back of the furniture. Additionally, atmospheric lighting is also provided in an open section of the furniture. A delightful idea that further emphasizes the coziness in the living room!

Did you know?
Did you know that you can also use Maatkasten Online's TV cabinets as a bench? They are ultra-strong and robust enough to sit on.

A timeless nursery in Industrial Green

Under the sloping roof, at the top of the house, you'll find this adorable nursery. In collaboration with the measurement expert, the decision was made to combine a wardrobe with a sloping back with a clothing cabinet with a sloping side. This provides ample storage space for both toys and clothing.

cupboards under a sloping roof for the children's room

Custom cabinets under a sloping roof / Exterior color: Industrial Green, Interior color: Front White / Handles: Push to open / Design implemented with the measurement service

Thanks to the handy and very subtle drilled holes in the side walls of the cabinet, you can easily adjust the layout of the cabinet. Shelves or a clothing rod can be moved in height, allowing the wardrobe to grow with your little one. Moreover, thanks to the high quality, the cabinet can withstand many wild children's adventures.

bespoke cupboards under a sloping roof
custom cabinets under a sloping roof
custom cabinets under a pitched roof

The timeless Industrial Green falls somewhere between soft green and light gray. Thanks to its versatility, this color feels at home in any space, just like in this adorable baby room.

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custom cabinets under a sloping roof
A color sample of the color Industrial Green
cabinet nicely incorporated under a roof
custom black coffee corner in kitchen

Custom coffee corner

In the kitchen, a wall combination was chosen with a tall storage cabinet and a lower drawer cabinet. The lower part of the cabinet was arranged as a cozy coffee corner (and wine corner). The exterior is finished in Diamond Black, a solid black color with a subtle gloss. A handleless Push to Open system ensures a sleek look.

Proud of our house with the beautiful cabinets!
the owners
Custom wardrobe in Industrial Green and Dusty Coral colors

Fan of the colors in this home?

Then be sure to check out this stunning wardrobe, with an exterior in Industrial Green and a surprising interior in Dusty Coral. This custom-made closet perfectly complements the industrial look of the residence.

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