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Looking inside a chic and peaceful interior

Made-to-measure wardrobe

You can very easily extend the modern country style of your home into your wardrobes with made-to-measure wardrobes from Maatkasten Online. Find out here how our customers approached this and get inspired by their project.

Made-to-measure wardrobe from Maatkasten Online, in the colour Elegant Black

Built-in wardrobe in Elegant Black. View more realisations in Elegant Black ▸

Made-to-measure bedside table from Maatkasten Online, in the colour Elegant Black

Made-to-measure bedside table in Elegant Black

Made-to-measure nightstands from Maatkasten Online, in the colour Elegant Black

A house full of bespoke wardrobes, isn't that everyone's dream? Making the most of every space, and doing so entirely in the style of your home. Here, our customers chose a dressing room in Elegant black. This colour has both a visible and a tangible wood grain. This gives the cupboards an elegant look. The colour is not called Elegant Black for nothing. Everything was really thought of here and even matching bedside tables were provided. As a result, the room forms a beautiful setting and the bedroom immediately resembles a hotel room. Starting and ending the day is done in style! 

Would you like to design similar made-to-measure bedside tables yourself? Then choose a floating chest of drawers in the 3D tool. Then adjust the width, height and depth to suit your bedroom. For this creation, a height of 33 centimetres was used, but you can adjust this completely to your own preference. Here, for instance, the width took into account the possibility of opening the curtain.

Bespoke wardrobe, finished in mdf with vertical U grooves, for a cottage-like effect.

Outside material in mdf with vertical U-grooves. View more realisations in mdf ▸

Black clothing bar from Maatkasten Online

Interior colour: Elegant Black, black clothing rail

For the hallway, MDF was chosen as the exterior finish and Elegant Black again as the interior. Thanks to the doors in MDF, vertical U-grooves can be provided. This house already had doors with MDF grooves. On the advice of expert Bart, the clients opted to provide the cupboard with similar grooves. The same width was used. The recurring details create peace and also ensure that the country style subtly forms a common thread throughout the house.

Made-to-measure chest of drawers from Maatkasten Online, in the colour Elegant Black

The matching chest of drawers provides a lot of extra storage space and can serve as a coffee corner in the future. Waking up with a beautiful view and a coffee, it can't get any better!

Request free colour samples

Are you curious about Elegant Black? And would you like to experience the look and feel in real life? Request free colour samples and see how well this colour suits your interior. Would you prefer to be assisted by an expert? Then use the measuring service and get personal advice!

Thanks to our lovely client for letting us peek inside.
Photography: Sarah Gevaert