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Custom cabinets with a luxurious touch

Welcome to Charlotte Cleeren. In this home tour, Charlotte takes you through her new residence, unveiling her choices and experiences with custom-made cabinets. Charlotte states, 'We decided to integrate custom cabinets into our dressing room, entrance hall, and living room, giving our home a beautiful, luxurious upgrade.'

Why we chose Maatkasten Online?

'Not only is the price-quality ratio excellent, but you also get your custom cabinets delivered so quickly! They also work with a handy online 3D tool, allowing you to design and make choices for your cabinets in advance regarding layout, materials, etc. This greatly helps in making your order, allowing you to visualize what you're buying. I also have a better idea of how I want the cabinets to look. Inside, we opted for shelves, clothes hangers, and some drawers. It's nice that there are numerous options, and no two cabinets have to be the same.'

Structure paint and mortex

'We chose to have all our cabinets painted with structure paint and a type of Mortex. Throughout our house, we used structure paint as well as elements in Mortex, so I thought it would be beautiful to carry this throughout for a seamless and minimalist look that perfectly fits the vibe of our home. All handles were recessed down to the floor, providing a beautiful, luxurious appearance to the cabinet, making it appear even larger visually.'

The measurement service was very handy

'We also utilized the measurement service in advance, which I found very convenient. This ensures everything is accurate, and you get answers to all your questions. For us, this was crucial because we had to incorporate technical pipes into our dressing room. Maatkasten Online solved this for us with a 'technical cabinet,' so you don't see any of those unsightly pipes in our dressing room! :-)

A successful DIY project

'The delivery was also very fast, and it's delivered to your door in labeled packages so you know which pieces go with which cabinet. There are also handy plans and all the tools included, making it a successful 'do-it-yourself' project! The quality of the cabinets is really superb, both inside and outside! Very satisfied with the beautiful result of our custom cabinets from Maatkasten Online! :-)'

The choices Charlotte made for her custom-made cabinets include:

In-home Measurement Service

Built-in wardrobes for the dressing room and entrance hall:
Exterior Finish: MDF / Interior Finish: White (Front White) / Handles: Recessed long / Option: Doors extend to the floor / Finish: Structure paint by Roelants Decorations

Technical cabinet in the dressing room:
Charlotte integrated a technical cabinet in the dressing room to discreetly hide pipes.

TV stand for the living space:
Exterior Finish: MDF / Interior Color: White (Front White) / Handles: Handleless / Option: Doors extend to the floor / Finish: Structure paint and RD finish (Mortex look) by Roelants Decorations

Written by: Charlotte Cleeren, Instagram: @charlottecleeren

Romy in het atelier with her made te mesure wardrobe in mdf

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made to mesure wardrobe with a mortex structure

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