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Minimalist and timeless: these are the Pure handles

Pure handles for your custom cabinets in brass and black

If you like to keep things simple, the Pure handles are the right choice. Their sleek shape makes them the perfect handles for a timeless and minimalist look.

Black handles for your custom cabinet

Stylish handle in two sizes

The Pure collection consists of two stylish handles: the 20 cm long Pure and the shorter Mini Pure of 5 cm. Both sizes have the same sleek appearance, so the best choice for your custom cabinet depends on personal preference: the Mini Pure is slightly more subtle, while the longer handle allows you to emphasize the optical lines of your cabinet. The handles have a smooth finish and are easy to handle thanks to their handy profile shape.

Pure handles for your custom cabinets in brass and black

Two color variants, two directions

With the two color variations, black and brass, you can go in any direction. The black handle is a timeless classic that combines beautifully with a wood-colored custom cabinet: together with a light Atlas Oak door you get a modern contrast, while together with the dark Elegant Black you get a subtle finish. The brass handle is also just as versatile, but with a slightly more luxurious touch thanks to the gold-colored look. Both color finishes also work well with custom cabinets that you paint in a color of your choice. So let your creativity run wild.

A useful feature of the Pure collection is that you can place this profile handle both vertically on cupboard doors and horizontally on drawer fronts. This way you can give your wardrobes and the drawers in your dressing island the same handles, for a nice uniform result throughout your space.

Custom walk-in dressing in Atlas Oak with brass handles

Dressing with island in Atlas Oak with Mini Pure handles in brass. View more photos of this walk-in dressing ▸

Dressing island with brass handles

Mini Pure handles placed horizontally.

Custom cabinet in Atlas Oak with brass handles

Mini Pure handles placed vertically.

Custom black cloakroom cupboard with black Pure handles

Cloakroom cupboard in Elegant Black with black Pure handles. View more photos of this property ▸

Black handle called Pure for a black custom cabinet
Black custom dressing cabinet with black handles, called Pure

Wardrobe in Elegant Black with black Pure handles. View more photos of this property ▸

Custom black cloakroom cupboard with brass handles, called Pure

Cloakroom cupboard with bench in Elegant Black, Pure handles in brass. View more photos of this wall combination ▸

A handle for every type of interior

A profile handle has always been around, and that is perhaps the nicest thing about the Pure collection. They are the perfect minimalist finish for custom cabinets in sleek, modern interiors. But because they are so subtle, they also blend in well with vintage or rural interiors.

Properties of the Pure handles

  • Own colours: black (matte) and brass (brushed)
  • Dimensions: Pure (20 cm) and Mini Pure (5 cm)
  • Structure: Smooth
  • Look: Sleek and minimalist, for both classic and modern interiors
  • Installation: Screw-on at the back, holes marked for the perfect position
  • DIY kit: Handles and screws are included
Discuss color samples and handles with the measuring service for your custom cabinet

Want to see the handles in real life? Book your measurement

If you would like to view the handles before making your choice, be sure to schedule your appointment for a measurement and advice at home. The measuring expert will visit you with our complete collection of color samples and handles and think along with you. He measures the spaces precisely and creates a ready-made 3D design afterwards!

Design your custom cabinet online and choose your handles yourself

Design your custom closet

Thanks to our handy design tool, you can discover all possible options for your custom cabinet at your own pace. Whether you are looking for a dressing cupboard, TV cabinet or complete cupboard wall, it is very easy to get started with your design yourself. You will discover the handles in the last step.

Brass handles and color samples for your custom cabinets

 Top quality handles

The Pure handle collection fits perfectly with the high-quality finish of our custom cabinets: they are colourfast, durable, and meet our strict quality requirements. They are part of our extensive collection of 32 different handles, so that we can offer the best handle for every size cabinet. We aim for a beautifully finished end result and professional carpenter quality, but affordable.

✓ Super easy to install

Did you know that our handles are installed in one-two-three? Thanks to the pre-drilled holes, you no longer have to work with your tape measure and you can be sure that all handles are at the same height. We will send you all the supplies you need, such as the manual, custom screws and screws, together with the handy do-it-yourself package that we deliver to your door.