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A house filled with bespoke cabinets in Elegant Black

There's nothing quite as stylish and timeless as the power of black! In this house, a breathtaking all-black look was chosen with bespoke cabinets in Elegant Black. Experience the elegance of black and be inspired by these beautiful bespoke cabinets. From hallway cupboard to dressing room, from bathroom to an office, this home has it all!

Made-to-measure dresser in bedroom with clothes lift

Bedroom with spacious dressing room

The large dressing cabinet in this bedroom offers plenty of storage space. This is partly due to the clothing lift, which conveniently stores your clothes at height. You can easily pull down the clothing lift to access your clothes.

You can choose between a white and black wardrobe lift. Here, they opted for black, including a black clothing rod. This way, the layout of the cabinet perfectly complements the desired all-black aesthetic.

Made-to-measure dresser with clothes lift
made-to-measure wardrobe with removable clothes rail
made-to-measure wardrobe with clothes bar and removable clothes bar
Desk with matching desktop in black wood structure

Customized office space

In this office, a complete furnishing was chosen to create optimal storage space. On one side of the room, we find a built-in storage cabinet, and on the other side, there are two chest of drawers with an extended tabletop for extra workspace. The tabletop was reinforced by the customer themselves.
The storage cabinet was finished with sleek Pure handles, while for the dresser, the smaller variant of these handles, the Mini Pure, was used. This creates a beautifully cohesive office space.

More inspiration for custom office cabinets can be found here.

made-to-measure office space with storage cabinets
made-to-measure desk in black wood shade
made-to-measure office space in black wood shade
Bespoke wardrobe in a bathroom

Storage cabinet near the bathroom

An integrated storage cabinet was also installed in the bathroom. To give the cabinets a robust appearance, thicker shelves of 28 mm were chosen instead of the standard thickness of 18 mm. These 28 mm shelves are available in various colors, including Diamond Black, Front White, Seashell, and Quartz (dark gray).

Additionally, the doors were extended to run from floor to ceiling, creating an elongated effect. A 1 cm gap is always maintained at both the top and bottom of the doors to prevent them from dragging along the ceiling or floor.

Made-to-measure dresser in black
Made-to-measure dresser in black
Long wardrobe in Elegant Black with black handles

Customized hallway cabinet

The same black look has also been implemented in the cloakroom.
Here are all the features of this look:


  • Exterior: Elegant Black, a black color with a tactile wood structure.
  • Interior: Diamond Black, a black color with a fine pearl structure. 


  • Clothing lift and bar: Black
  • Shelves: Thickness 28 mm

Handles: Black handles from the Pure collection.
Option for longer doors: Doors that run from floor to ceiling for an elongating effect.

TIP: Also add black shelf brackets and hinges for a fully black edition of your cabinet.

Would you like a cabinet in all-black too? Design your dream cabinet easily yourself in just a few steps!

Free color samples

Still unsure about the colors of your bespoke cabinet? Or do you want to see how the color will look in the space? Request free color samples now and admire the colors at home!

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