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Silver Blue: soothing and stylish

Made-to-measure wardrobe in the colour Silver Blue

Blue exudes tranquility and calmness, making it perfect for spaces where relaxation is key, such as your bedroom, nursery, or living room. The soft blue-gray hue of Silver Blue is therefore ideal for a custom closet in these areas. Blue also works wonderfully in your home office, as it is known to be the most productive color. Additionally, a closet in Silver Blue complements various interior styles perfectly.

Bespoke wardrobe in the colour Silver Blue
Detail of cream Tonton handle on a closet in Silver Blue

For this wardrobe, an exterior finish in Silver Blue was chosen, combined with a neutral white interior, Front White. This color combination perfectly matches the blue-gray tones of the terrazzo floor. Do you have a light-colored floor, a concrete floor, or a light wooden floor? Then Silver Blue is also an excellent choice!

Cream Tonton handle

Tonton handle, cream

Made-to-measure storage cupboard in the colour Silver Blue

Practical and smart organization of your custom closet

The customer opted for a mix of shelves, drawers, and clothes rails in the closet. Thanks to the subtle 3 mm perforations in the side walls, you can easily adjust the height of the shelves and clothes rails to suit your storage needs.

Made-to-measure wardrobe in the colour Silver Blue
Colour samples on a terrazzo floor
Built-in wardrobe in colour Silver Blue

Stylish handles for your Silver Blue closet

To extend the pastel color palette, cream-coloredTontonprofile handles were chosen for this closet. But if pastel shades aren't your preference, no worries! Silver Blue also pairs perfectly with gold-colored (brass) handles or sleek black handles. If you opt for black, it's a good idea to keep the rest of your closet accessories black as well: black clothes rails, black hinges, black shelf supports, and so on. This way, you create a harmonious and stylish look.

Built-in wardrobe in colour Silver Blue with a Fatboy cushion.

With thanks to our customer. Photography: Gert Cornelis. Decoration: Dhondt - leef mooi.

All features of this closet:

  • Dimensions: Width 333 cm x Height 260 cm x Depth 55 cm
  • Exterior Color: Silver Blue, Interior Color: Front White
  • Handles: Tonton, cream
  • Accessories and Hinges: Metallic
Design your made-to-measure cupboard online on your laptop

Design your dream closet

Do you also want a closet in the stunning Silver Blue color? Design your closet online in just a few steps. Choose your dimensions, layout, color (choose Silver Blue!), and handles of your choice. You will immediately see a lifelike 3D view of your closet, including the exact price and delivery time.

Free colour samples for your bespoke wardrobe: Silver Blue and Front White

Free color samples

Of course, you’ll want to see the color of your future closet in person first. That’s why we offer free delivery of up to three color samples of your choice directly to your home. We’ll also include a handy information brochure where you can review all our services.