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Create your perfect workspace with custom cabinets

Working in a space that is not only functional, but also inspiring, comfortable, and personal... it's so much more enjoyable, isn't it? Whether you have a separate home office or you're taking over a corner of the living room, with custom office cabinets, you can quickly create the right atmosphere. 100% according to your style. And completely tailored to the available space.

Custom office cabinets in the wood tone Elegant Black

Custom office cabinets in the wood tone Elegant Black. Handles: Pure and Mini Pure.

 Custom office cabinets for your home workspace

Custom office cabinets in the colors Front White and Sand. Handles: Push to open.

Why custom cabinets for your workspace?

Why settle for standard when you can have a workspace that is fully tailored to your needs? Here are the benefits:

made-to-measure cupboards for your home office

Custom office cabinets. Colors: Front White and Sand. Handles: Push to open.

✓ Optimal use of your space

Making the most of your space? Forget about standard dimensions! With custom cabinets, you can optimize every inch of your workspace, making them perfect for smaller rooms or spaces under a sloping roof. By utilizing the space from floor to ceiling, you also prevent dust from accumulating on the cabinets. Yay!

✓ Your personal style and layout

Your personal preferences are key. Do you envision a wall adorned with closed cabinets, or do you prefer a mix of low and high cabinets? Perhaps a chest of drawers with an extended desk tablet? The choice is yours! Opt for what best complements your interior and add your personal touch with your favorite materials, colors, and finishes.

Office space with low storage cabinets in the color Elegant Black and built-in storage cabinet in the color Front White.

✓ Boost your productivity

With a custom cabinet, you build your workspace as functional as possible. Completely tailored to your way of working. Do you want shelves for all your books? Or rather drawers for your office supplies? You determine the layout completely yourself.

Custom children's desk

✓ Affordable

Affordable custom solutions? Absolutely! At Maatkasten Online, your custom office cabinets are within reach thanks to our do-it-yourself concept. You get professional quality at the best price in the country. How does it work? You design your custom cabinets online yourself and assemble them entirely on your own. This way, you save on an interior architect or installer.

Total furnishing with custom office cabinets

Why compromise when it comes to your workspace? With our total furnishing solutions for your workspace, you get an organized and efficient space. Combine drawer cabinets, hanging cabinets, and floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets to your heart's content. Don't forget your child's bedroom either, where you can combine a desk and wardrobe into one beautiful unit. This way, you make the most out of every space in your home!

Inspiration: Design ideas for your workspace

 Custom black storage cabinets for your home office

Custom office cabinets in the wood tone Elegant Black. Handles: Pure and Mini Pure.

1. Chest of drawers with a desk tablet

This is by far the easiest way to create a custom desk: design a low cabinet, such as a chest of drawers or dresser, and extend its top to create a workspace.
TIP: A standard desk is usually about 75 cm high, so make sure the cabinet underneath has a height of about 71 cm (as the desktop is 3.6 cm thick). Adjust the height of the cabinet based on your ideal sitting position, which depends on your body height.

Custom storage cabinets and desk tablet for the home office.

Dresser cabinets with an additional 36mm desktop. Colors Front White and Sand. Handles: Push to open.

2. A desktop placed on top of or across your low cabinet

Another great idea is to place your desktop across your low desk cabinets. This allows you to easily create an L-shaped or U-shaped desk. Make sure to choose the right height that fits your stature. This way, you'll have a comfortable workspace tailored to your needs.

 Ceiling-mounted cabinets above your desk tablet for your home office.

Custom ceiling cabinets for the home office. Color: Front White. Handles: Push to open.

3. Ceiling cabinets above your desk

Sleek, smart, and space-saving... a desktop with ceiling cabinets above gives the room an organized and minimalist look.

Custom built-in storage cabinets for the office

Custom built-in storage cabinets for the office. Color: Front White.

4. Office with large floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets

Looking for ample storage in your office space? Floor-to-ceiling custom cabinets are perfect. Choose between shelves or drawers depending on what you need to store. If you plan on filling the cabinets heavily, single modules are most suitable.
Did you know that when installing your desk cabinet, you can choose the height of the shelves yourself? There are small holes of just 3 mm on the sides. This allows you to determine the height of the shelves as per your preference.

 A custom desk tablet for your home office

Desk tablet: 36 mm. Color: Sand

Practical tips for your custom desk tablet

At Maatkasten Online, we not only think about your desk cabinets but also your desk tablet. Our standard desk tablets are 36 mm thick for extra strength and durability. And you can choose the tablet in the same color as your cabinets, from our full range of colors.

A desk tablet has a maximum length of 277 cm, with perfectly finished edges (with right angles). For longer desks, the desk tablet comes in multiple parts. You need to provide the attachment or reinforcement yourself, as this depends on your unique situation. For a standard desk tablet with a depth of 80 cm, you can safely span 1 meter without additional reinforcements under the tablet.

Ordering a desk table top
Perhaps you'd like to extend the top of a dresser to create a workspace, or maybe you want to order a separate desk table top? This is (currently) not possible in our online design tool. Please send an email to, and we'll be happy to assist you with price calculations and easy online ordering.

 Installing your custom-made cabinet is very easy.

Measuring and installing your custom office cabinet?

It's a breeze. Whether you measure the right dimensions for your desk cabinet yourself after reading our tips and tricks, or you opt for the convenience of our home measurement service. Our measuring expert knows how to deal with difficult corners or the ideal layout, and provides you with a ready-made design. So you don't have to configure anything yourself.

As for assembling your desk cabinet? Easy, even without experience, you can easily do it yourself. Check out our 5 golden rules for smooth assembly and get ready for the arrival of your cabinet.

Design your office cabinets with utmost ease

Whether you want to start with a chest of drawers, a storage cabinet, or any other type of cabinet... everything is possible in our online configurator. Let your creativity flow and design an office cabinet that perfectly matches your style and preferences.