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Optimise your space with a made-to-measure corner cupboard

Made-to-measure corner wardrobe in Industrial Green

Optimize your space with a custom corner cabinet. Neatly store your belongings while making the most of every corner in the room. A corner cabinet is not only space-saving and functional, but it also offers numerous possibilities in terms of aesthetics, layout, and accessories.

Benefits of a corner cabinet

Imagine no more empty corners—smart and dust-free storage spaces for all your belongings. Sounds practical, right? A custom corner dressing is the best choice to make optimal use of space. Regardless of size, this tailor-made storage cabinet adapts to your specific preferences. And that's not all; a corner cabinet offers several other advantages:

White bespoke dressing corner cupboard with black handles

Custom U-shaped corner cabinet. Color: Front White. Handles: Twin, black.

✓  Aesthetic appeal

Unlike two straight cabinets placed at an angle, a corner cabinet immediately looks more beautiful and polished. You can maximize every centimeter, providing an organized and orderly storage solution.

✓  Flexible arrangement

Left or right? Choose the side where you want the storage space to extend into the corner. You can also choose to conceal pipes or other obstacles in the corner.

✓  Personal style

Whether you prefer clean lines, timeless elegance, or an eclectic mix, you can create a corner cabinet that perfectly suits your taste. Both on the outside and inside, as you determine the layout, colors, and handles.

Popular types of corner cabinets

From walk-in closets to storage cabinets, corner dressings can add value to any space in your home. In the dressing room, children's room, or entrance hall? Choose the functions and layouts that best meet your needs and create a corner cabinet that is both practical and aesthetic. Some examples:

Tips for designing your custom corner cabinet

Before configuring the ideal corner cabinet, know what you want. Whether it's for storing clothes, shoes, or toys, choose a cabinet that not only fits well in the space but also aligns with your taste and storage needs.

Made-to-measure corner cupboard combination with tall and low cabinets

Bespoke corner cupboard combination. Colour: Industrial Green. Handles: T-Diamond, messing.

Combination possibilities

Did you know that at Maatkasten Online, you can connect all cabinets shaped into an L? This includes tall and low cabinets, storage benches, or laundry cabinets. If you need assistance with designing and ordering your corner cabinet combination online, don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

Corner wardrobe dressing L-shape in Green Shadow

Custom corner storage cabinet. Color: Green Shadow. Handles: Mini Pure, messing.

Endless execution options

Discover the same versatility in layout, colors, and handles as in our straight setups for a dressing or custom storage cabinet. Choose modules with shelves, drawers, clothes racks or lifts, a place for the ironing board, or create a corner cabinet with or without doors, or a combination of both.

Want to see how the colors look in real life? Request free color samples and combine them as you like.

Corner wardrobe with sloping wall in a children's room in Industrial Green colour

Corner wardrobe with sloping wall. Color: Industrial Green. Handles: Push to open.

Freedom of choice in dimensions

You can determine the height, width, and depth down to the millimeter. This way, you can perfectly adapt the corner cabinet to the space, even up to the ceiling. Because the cabinet is 100% custom-made, it fits well in smaller rooms or spaces with sloping walls.

Tip: Want a professional to take measurements? Request the measurement service. An expert will happily come to your home, measure the space, and provide expert interior advice. You'll receive a ready-made design for your corner cabinet.

3D configuration of a made-to-measure corner cupboard

Design it yourself with the 3D configurator

You can design your ideal corner cabinet with our user-friendly online 3D configurator. Create an L-shaped cabinet with sloping sides or a U-shape with only straight cabinets. Prefer a different arrangement? Contact us, we're here to help.

Maatkasten Online team at an assembled made-to-measure cupboard

Installing the corner cabinet? Anyone can do it!

Assembling your corner cabinet is just as easy as any other custom cabinet. Our assembly system is specially designed with convenient Minifix connections, so anyone can do it. Whether you have experience or not, you can easily install any custom cabinet from Maatkasten Online.

✓ By assembling your cabinets yourself, you save a considerable amount on installation costs.

Want to see how others do it?
Watch this video and discover how Eline and Zara easily installed their custom cabinet in the baby's room.