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How to create a well-organized wardrobe that sparks joy!

Opting for a custom wardrobe? Smart, a custom wardrobe is the best way to make optimal use of the available space. What's more, it helps you keep your wardrobe well-organized, especially when you choose a layout that is entirely tailored to your preferences. How? We share our tips for an optimal layout of your wardrobe.

Custom wardrobe layout

Built-in wardrobe in the Seashell color with push-to-open doors

First things first: the dimensions of your custom wardrobe

Everything naturally begins with the measurements of your made-to-measure wardrobe. Not only does the available space play a role, but it's also essential to consider how you intend to use the wardrobe. For example, if you want to hang thick coats effortlessly and neatly, a wardrobe depth of around 60 centimeters is ideal.

Make the most of the height in your bedroom or dressing area by opting for an extra tall wardrobe, preferably reaching up to the ceiling. This way, every centimeter is efficiently utilized, and you won't have to worry about dust (or spiders) on top of the wardrobe. Store items you don't need on a daily basis at the top, such as winter sweaters in the summer, an extra duvet, or a ski suit.

If you need advice on measurements, take advantage of our measurement service. We carefully measure the space for your custom wardrobe with laser precision.

Interior layout of custom wardrobe

Built-in wardrobe in Elegant Black wood texture

Interior layout of custom wardrobe closet

Built-in wardrobe in the colors Green Shadow and Dusty Coral with a black clothing rod

With doors or without doors?

Are you opting for an open or closed wardrobe? Each option has its pros and cons. We recommend a wardrobe or dressing with doors, especially when it's located in the bedroom. Not only do doors create a clean and tidy look, but they also keep dust at bay and prevevnt your clothes from fading.

A wardrobe without doors is ideal for small spaces with limited mobility or when you use the space solely as a dressing area. Not only do you have an instant overview of your wardrobe, but this approach can also help keep costs down.

The layout: how to optimize your wardrobe's interior design ?

You want your wardrobe to look good, both on the outside and the inside. Therefore, create a well-thought-out layout with clothing rods, shelves, and sliding drawers to enhance the functionality (and user-friendliness) of your wardrobe.

Custom wardrobe organization with wardrobe lift

Custom wardrobe in the Seashell color with Diamond brass handles and wardrobe lift.

Clothing rods

When you opt for a custom wardrobe with us, the clothing rods are always height-adjustable. Conveniently, this allows you to determine the ideal height based on the type of clothing you want to hang. You can even let the layout 'grow' with the size of your child.

Our wardrobe lift is an additional handy feature. If you install two rods one above the other in a tall wardrobe, you can effortlessly pull down the upper clothing rod towards you with the wardrobe lift in a single, simple motion.

Layout of custom wardrobe with shelves

Custom wardrobe under a sloping roof with shelves, in the colors Dusty Coral and Seashell


Not only are the clothing rods height-adjustable, but you can also easily move the shelves. We recommend a distance of about 35 centimeters between shelves, but this is entirely up to you. Placing shelves high in the wardrobe? Use them for items you don't need as often.

Layout of custom wardrobe with drawers

Custom built-in wardrobe with sliding drawers, in the Seashell color with Diamond brass handles

Sliding drawers

Do you want to integrate one or more drawers? Sliding drawers are ideal for storing underwear, socks, and belts. Opting for drawers with self-closing drawer guides enhances the overall user experience. Keep in mind that a wardrobe or dressing with drawers will cost more than one with only shelves and clothing rods.

Determining the layout of the wardrobe in the configurator

design your own wardrobe?

Curious about the cost of a custom wardrobe? explore all the choices that can influence your budget, or start your design in our convenient online module and get the exact price and delivery time instantly.

Custom wardrobe layout under a slanted roof

Inspiration: logical layout of wardrobes

Take a look at some of the creations and let yourself be inspired for the most logical layout for your custom wardrobe.