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Luxurious and full of character: these are the Diamond handles

Handles Diamond for your custom closet

Looking for an extra touch of luxury for your custom-made cabinets? Then Diamond handles are just what you need!

Handles Diamond in brass, for your bespoke wardrobe

Luxurious texture in two variants

Where does the Diamond handle get its name from? To its luxurious ‘diamond cut’ texture: the small diamond cuts not only provide extra grip, they give the metal handle a timeless look.

They come in two variants: a larger handle (21 cm) and a smaller one, the T-Diamond (6.5 cm). Both suitable for both doors and sliders, depending on which look you prefer. 

Diamond handles for your made-to-measure cupboards, in 3 colours

Three inspiring colour options for endless combinations

Soft or contrasting? You can go either way with this handle, as it comes in three colour options. Choose between black, anthracite or brass and match the colours of your wardrobe or chest of drawers

If you are a fan of soft results, go for ton-sur ton. For example, we ourselves are fans of a brass handle on a Seashell or Dune Beige door, or anthracite on a black bespoke wardrobe.

Wardrobe in Seashell colour with Diamond handles in brass

Wardrobe in Seashell colour with Diamond handles in brass. View more photos from this property ▸

Wardrobe in Seashell colour with Diamond handles in brass
Diamond handles in anthracite and brass

Diamond handles in anthracite and brass

What we also absolutely love are complementary combinations: for example, the warmth of the brass colour variant comes out beautifully when paired with the cool undertone of the Industrial Green cabinet colour. Another classic is brass on white, where you can extend the elegant gold finish to the accessories in your space; from mirror frame to lamp, coat rack or vase. No shortage of possibilities!

Bespoke cupboard in entrance hall in Industrial Green colour with brass handles

Bespoke wardrobe in the entrance hall in Industrial Green colour with T-Diamond handles in brass

Bespoke cupboard in entrance hall in Industrial Green colour with brass handles


T-Diamond handle in brass

Handle: T-Diamond in brass

Made-to-measure storage cupboard in Front White and Dusty Coral with the black Diamond handles

Storage cupboard in Front White and Dusty Coral, with Diamond handles in black

For both classic and modern interiors

Thanks to its versatility, the Diamond handle fits well in both classic and modern interiors. By playing with the variants and colours, you get a different effect each time.

Those who like things sleek will be fine with a black or anthracite handle on a white cabinet. Prefer retro, vintage, mid-century? Then maybe the combo black handle with the Lorenzo Walnut is just the thing for you!

Diamond handles for made-to-measure cupboards

Features of the Diamond handles

  • Colours: black (matt), anthracite (dark grey coated), brass (matt)
  • Dimensions: Diamond (21 cm) and T-Diamond (T-shape 6.5 cm)
  • Structure: Diamond cut 
  • Look: Luxurious and refined, for both classic and modern interiors
  • Installation: Pre-drilled holes for the perfect position
  • Do-it-yourself kit: Handles and screws are included 
Home measurement service for made-to-measure cupboards

Want to see the handles in real life? Book a measurement at home

Make an appointment for a home measurement. The measurement expert will visit you with all the colour samples and handles and inspire you with tailor-made advice. He will measure your space accurately and create a ready-to-use 3D design for you! This measurement is completely non-binding: you can have as many rooms as you want measured for the same price, with no obligation to buy.

Design your made-to-measure wardrobe online

Design your made-to-measure cupboard

Do you already know what the made-to-measure cupboard of your dreams looks like, or do you want to compare the options at your leisure? Get started with our handy design tool and discover all handles in the last step. You can immediately see in 3D how they match your cupboard.

Handles and colour samples for your made-to-measure cupboards

✓ Top-class handles

Handles perfectly match the high-quality finish of our bespoke cabinets: they are durable, colourfast and meet our strict quality standards. They are part of our extensive collection of 32 different handles, so we can offer something for everyone. So you can enjoy a stylish result and professional joinery quality at an affordable price.

✓ Installed in a flash

Did you know that our handles are super easy to install, thanks to the pre-drilled holes? This way, you don't have to measure and you can be sure that all handles are at the same height. All accessories, such as the manual and customised screws, are included in the DIY kit that we deliver to your door.