Overhead cabinet - configurator

  1. Type of cabinet

  2. Measurements

  3. Cupboard layout

  4. Colours

  5. Handles

  6. Infill panels

  7. Overview

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  • Which type of cabinet would you like?
  • Does the cabinet hang against the wall on the left or right side?
  • Does the cabinet hang against the ceiling?
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Click and place modules in the cabinet.

Modules with doors
Double modules
  • Choose the colour of your wardrobe


    Your cabinet is almost ready... All you have left to do is choose a handle.

  • Push to open
  • Olive
  • T-Classic
  • Leather Loop
  • T-Diamond
  • Mini Bar
  • Monument
  • Button
  • Mini Pure
  • Tonton
    • How would you like to receive your infill panels?

      Infill panels are the finishing components on the left, right and top of your made-to-measure cupboard. They allow your made-to-measure cupboard to perfectly blend in with the walls and ceiling.


      You receive the infill panels too large, and cut them to size yourself.

      • Most popular
      • You have the tools to saw the infill panels to size yourself
      • Recommended for cupboards with sloping sides

      You will receive your customised infill panels.

      • For cupboards without sloping sides
      • For rather straight walls and ceilings

      + €79 incl. VAT in Belgium (+ €95 for the Netherlands). After installation, you measure how wide and high your infill panels need to be and pass this on to us. We will happily cut them to perfect size and deliver them to your home afterwards.

      • Easiest choice
      • Recommended for cupboards with sloping sides
      • Recommended for slightly less straight walls and/or ceilings
    • Production drawing for approval
    • Easy assembly
    • Free delivery
    • MeasurementsB350,0 x H225,0 x D60,0
    • Infill panelsMade to measure
    • Visible insideFront White
    • Visible exteriorDusty Coral
    • HandlesMonument (zwart)

    Step 1/8

    Personalise the module

    • cm
      (Width: 0cm)
    • Direction of opening door

    Choose the desired width of your infill panels.

    • cm
    • cm
    • cm

    Choose the colour of the module

    Exterior colour
    • MDF

    Please be patient. We are rebuilding your cabinet.

    We are processing your bespoke cabinet.
    Please be patient...