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Sundae 3.0 has started - what we know about the new season

Sundae House Season 3 in Roeselare

The new renovation house! - Sundae 3.0

Exciting news! Following the success of Sundae House 1.0 and 2.0, we're thrilled to announce the launch of the third season, Sundae 3.0, featuring a brand-new renovation project. We're back this year to furnish the house with the most beautiful custom cabinets. This season is set to be extra special! Because..."

The dining area in Sundae House 2 in Kortrijk

Eline in the dining area of the renovated Sundae House 2.0 in Kortrijk.

Hold on, the Sundae house?

You might already be familiar with the 'Sundae house,' having closely followed the renovations of the previous two homes. But if this is the first time you're hearing about Sundae, no worries - we're happy to provide you with a quick introduction. is the go-to place for everything related to home & lifestyle, brimming with interior inspiration and practical tips. On this platform, you're taken into a world of achievable home ideas. The driving force behind Sundae? That's Eline Rousseau!

Together with the 'Friends' or renovation partners, she dives into the transformation of a renovation property every year, and you can follow the entire process step by step.

This is the new Sundae House 3.0!

Drumroll, please! The latest house is located in the heart of Roeselare and is extra special because it will become the brand-new home for Eline, her husband, and their kids Ella & Anna!

This historic heritage from 1938 exudes a beautiful art-deco touch, featuring large windows, elegant round shapes, and stately high ceilings. Just like Sundae House 1.0 and 2.0, Eline maintains authenticity while infusing a modern vibe.

Curious? Watch the video alongside and join Eline on her art deco adventure! Beautiful custom cabinets guaranteed!

Tall windows in Sundae House 3 in Roeselare
The back facade of Sundae House 3 in Roeselare
The front facade of Sundae House 3 in Roeselare
The new back facade of Sundae House 2 in Kortrijk

Explore Season 2.0

Last season, a house in Kortrijk underwent an impressive makeover, featuring stunning custom cabinets from Maatkasten Online! Curious about the end result? Discover the photos here!

Custom wardrobe in the master bedroom of Sundae House 2

Sundae House 2.0 - Master bedroom with a built-in wardrobe in Weave Wool Beige and Mini Pure brass handles. View more photos ▸

Laundry room with a custom cabinet for the appliances in Sundae House 2

Sundae House 2.0 - Laundry room with a dresser for appliances. Color: Dusty Coral. Countertop: 36 mm. View more photos ▸

Entryway with a custom wardrobe with a bench in Sundae House 2

Sundae House 2.0 - Entrance hall with a wall combination of a wardrobe cabinet with a bench. Color: Front White. View more photos ▸

The installation of the custom wardrobe for the children's room in Sundae House 2

Sundae 2.0 - The installation of the wardrobe in the nursery

Eline and Zara installed the custom wardrobe in the baby room of the Sundae House. Curious if assembling a custom wardrobe is really as easy as it sounds? Eline and Zara put it to the test themselves! Discover their assembly adventure in this video.