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Cheers! Maatkasten Online wins national Logistic Champion Award

We’re as pleased as punch to have won the prestigious Safeshop award with This is the fourth time that the awards have been organised. uses this award to turn the spotlight on Belgian websites that care well for their customers. There were 89 Belgian online stores in the running for an award this year. won the ‘Logistic Champion Award.’ It’s all thanks to you!

Reliable, quick and environmentally friendly

From now onwards can call itself a proud winner of the 'Logistic Champion Award 2020'. But what exactly does that mean? “The criteria that were essential in choosing the winner of this award included reliability and speed of delivery”, according to SafeShops, an interest group for e-commerce.

“It means that our customers are satisfied with our delivery and that their fitted furniture arrives on time” explained the firm's manager, Loïc Van Laeken. We work hard behind the scenes at to not only deliver all of the bespoke furniture quickly to our customers, but also safely. Bespoke furniture is certainly not the easiest type of product to deliver, added Loïc. No two pieces of fitted furniture have the same dimensions or the same quantity of sheet panels. A unique piece of fitted furniture does not fit in a standard box either, and a lot can happen to it while it’s being loaded, transported and unloaded. That’s why we pull out all the stops to make sure everything is done with care and safely. We also intentionally choose to use less packaging. After all, less packaging means less waste which is good for the environment and good for customers. It means our customers can easily save around €110 in packaging costs and do not have to get rid of all of the packaging materials afterwards. Everyone benefits! “

It means that our customers are satisfied with their delivery and that their fitted furniture arrives on time.
Loïc Van Laeken

Appreciated by consumers

To choose the winners, looked at the experiences of almost 4,000 online shoppers. “It was great to see that so many of our customers were prepared to rate us. It’s absolutely amazing that they gave us such positive ratings which led to an award. Thanks to you all!!”

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