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Leslynn’s dream wardrobe: “Maatkasten Online are a real lifesaver!”

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Built-in wardrobe

Built-in wardrobe, outside in Tanned Peach and the inside in Front White, Handles: Leather Loop.

We’d almost finished our house towards the end spring 2021. All we needed to do was take care of the furnishings and fittings. We already knew from the plans that we didn't have enough space in the 3 bedrooms to have a separate wardrobe in each room. That’s why we decided to have a recess in a convenient place where we could have a custom wardrobe built. What we didn’t know during our meetings with the architect was that our budget was running low. Our architect had warned us, but we’d turned a deaf ear.

The dream wardrobe

One way or another, we had to have our dream built-in cupboard made that would take 5 people’s clothing and still have space for a washing machine and a dryer.

We let various local joiners take a look and we gave them all our requirements which they included in their pricing, but the quotes were not what we were expecting. In fact, they made our blood boil. Just like the architect had predicted, we hardly had any budget left, let alone enough to have our fitted dream wardrobe made at our home. That’s why we had to look for alternatives. My husband is confident in his abilities and said: “I’ll get some planks from the timber store and make the wardrobe myself”. From my loud sigh, he immediately noticed that “I didn't think it was such a great idea”. I had to come up with a better idea quickly before he could grab the car keys and speed off to the timber store.

I remembered seeing a sponsored message on Instagram by ‘Maatkasten Online’ who could provide an affordable solution for any ‘wardrobe problem’.

a girl opening the closet door of the bespoke cabinet in Tanned Peach from maatkastenonline

An affordable solution

We looked at the website together and we were amazed at how easily and quickly you can design a wardrobe. They had more colour combinations than you would imagine for wardrobes and just as many different options for the layout.

So, we had to relax a few of our requirements, but we soon forgot about those when we saw the price once we’d finished configuring it. It was so different from the quotations we’d been given. But I still wasn’t happy with the colour of the wardrobe. Just a note, my husband and I are often diametrically opposed when it comes to our tastes in colours, shapes, sleek or organic styles, and so forth (but somehow we make it work). I wanted to add colour to the house and a central fitted wardrobe was the perfect way to do this. After a couple of 3D renders of different wardrobe colours, I eventually went for Tanned Peach. Tanned what? Imagine a peach that has spent too much time in the sun. Some colour-blind people might even call it a salmon pink colour.

Both my husband and I are happy with it. He was happy because he could assemble the wardrobe himself. I was happy because I’d found a high-quality wardrobe for a great price.

The assembly system is so amazing!

They delivered the wardrobe a couple of weeks later. It came in so many pieces. This was a bit discouraging until we saw the assembly instructions. OK! We were able to manage it with help from my father-in-law! That’s because all of the planks have a unique sticker with a description of the plank and the place where the plank should go.

The hardest part about the assembly is getting the floorboards level, certainly with our sloping polished concrete and my hubby who is a total perfectionist. We had the wardrobe frame up in no time, but we weren’t happy with how the cabinets were arranged. Fortunately, we could move the various parts of the cabinet around and change the order. This was how we found the perfect configuration and we were able to screw all of the parts together and install the shelves. The infill panels around the cabinet were a challenge. We had ordered them oversized as we weren’t 100% certain of the space that would be left between the cabinet and the walls. We had to saw them a little. Time for the hinges and doors. Tricky! When you screw hinges into doors, they always have to be perfect, otherwise the doors are crooked.
Hang on a minute...those hinges don’t need to be screwed in. All you need to do is to push them in and click them. What an amazing system! I’d never seen this before! We had the doors fitted before I could say ‘Tanned Peach.’

That wardrobe is a real attention-grabber!

It’s the focal point of our small, modern house and a topic of conversation for everyone who visits.
There isn’t an hour that goes by without me walking past it, opening one of the doors, or getting something out of it. So, it had to look good right from off, and in fact it still does. That’s all thanks to Maatkasten Online!

Written by Leslynn Mergan - Instagram: @leslynn_m