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Looking for a black cabinet or wardrobe for your home? Smart choice!

People who are knowledgeable about home decoration and design say that the colour black makes a bold style statement. Nevertheless, Elegant Black is one of the most popular colours for our bespoke furniture. This is no surprise for us as black is an extremely versatile colour. If you're not completely sure how to include black bespoke furniture in your home, you can rely on us for some inspiration!

Which home decor styles go best with black?

Black is a minimalist colour, and it goes exceptionally well with modern decors. It creates an interesting contrast with popular white walls and light-wood floors. Black also perfectly complements the many natural materials, beige tones and textured paints in warmer Japandi or boho decor interior styles. You can even use Elegant Black to great effect in traditional and country-style home decors, as the visible wood texture creates a warm effect and adds character to your bespoke furniture. In other words, you can’t go wrong with black, even on your bespoke furniture!

Which rooms are suited for black?

There’s good news if you’re a fan of the colour black, as you can use it for almost any cabinet or wardrobe. For instance, a darker wardrobe in your bedroom will create a cosy, safe effect. And a black chest of drawers or TV unit in your living room is sure to catch everyone’s attention. Floor to ceiling storage cupboards in your dining room or office add a modern touch and a timeless appearance. That's why many of our customers have got creative with bespoke furniture in Elegant Black.

Combine with gold-coloured handles for a luxurious look

The golden Monument handles combined with the Elegant Black wardrobe give this bedroom a touch of elegance. The black creates a cosy atmosphere in the room and goes perfectly with the light-wood herringbone floor. We think it's also a perfect match for the green accent wall.

Use black as an accent colour

This black storage cupboard in the bathroom contrasts with the white walls, just like the door handles, light switches, recessed spotlights and mirror. The dynamic combination of black and white creates the perfect atmosphere for an invigorating start to the day, a serene moment during the day, or a restful ritual before going to sleep. The push-to-open wardrobe doors complete the minimalist look.

Meuble de rangement noir sur mesure dans la salle de bains

Meuble de rangement sur mesure. Couleur : Elegant Black, poignées : Push-To-Open

Combine with wood for a warm look

Elegant Black, which incidentally has a visible wood texture, goes exceptionally well with other wood tones. For instance, it combines nicely with an open module in our warm Essential Oak Naturel or a wooden floor, as in these living rooms. The light wood adds a natural touch which gives your living room a characteristic appearance. Here’s another tip. If you choose a floating TV stand, you can create a lightness that perfectly complements the colour black.

Black can be subtle

However much we are fans of Dusty Coral and Industrial Green, a black cabinet is the perfect choice if you prefer a more understated look. Elegant Black is also the perfect choice for a workroom. A black chest of drawers creates a professional and tranquil workspace that lets you concentrate on your work. You will have plenty of storage space and the minimum of distractions. That’s much neater than an open rack bulging with filing boxes, don’t you think?

Built-in chest of drawers

Built-in chest of drawers. Colour: Elegant Black.

… but black can also make a statement.

A black made-to-measure cabinet doesn't necessarily have to be subtle, and it can make a statement in your home. For instance, let your floor-to-ceiling storage cupboards or stylish wardrobes play a starring role in your space by choosing them in black. Combine tall storage cupboards with a low TV unit (wall unit) to make optimal use of your room or experiment with open and closed volumes for a surprising end result.

Add a dash of colour

We don’t need to tell you that black is a versatile colour. But did you know that you can combine it with literally every colour? We’d like to repeat this once again. Put a black cabinet in front of a coloured accent wall or add style to your cabinet with cheerful accessories for a more playful look.

Sideboard  – built in and floating from maatkastenonline

Buffet, encastré et flottant. Couleur : Elegant Black, poignées : Push-To-Open

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