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Interior designer Nele: “Green Shadow jumped out!"

Build in closet in hallway in Green Shadow from maatkastenonline

We’ve been in our home since 2020 after we did a full renovation. I was in charge of the interior design. That’s no surprise as I’m an interior designer by profession. I’m lucky to have a DIY expert, in the form of my hubby Arne, as we like to do as much as we can ourselves. The time had come to tackle the entrance hall.

Making the entrance hallway a business card

I’m a professional interior designer, so our house acts like my business card. I knew that the entrance hallway had to have some ‘pizazz’. I often see it’s an area that most people overlook, but for me, first impressions really count. In our house, it’s also the place where the meters are located, so hiding these away was our first priority.

I look for an attractive blend of functionality and aesthetics in my interior design, so I worked out a design for a casing that both conceals the meters and acts as a shoe cupboard. I’d like to give a shout out to my hubby for successfully carrying out the work.

Built-in wardrobe cupboard in Green Shadow.

Built-in wardrobe cupboard in Green Shadow. Handles: Diamond brass.

“Have you taken a look at yet?”

During the renovation, we made another change to the layout of the entrance hall so we could create a recess that would be ideal for a second fitted cupboard in our entrance hall.

My hubby had his tape measure ready, as this would be the next job he would tackle after the shoe cupboard. But a support beam that went across the recess made things a little more difficult than I’d expected. The walls of the recess also turned out not to be completely straight and I really wanted the cupboard to seamlessly fit to the walls.
We talked about various options as we looked for the best solution, until my hubby said: “Have you taken a look at yet?”

I immediately discovered the site as well as its key message: ‘design your bespoke furniture’. I thought, “Ok, let's give it a try”.

Design of a made to measure cabinet in the design tool

The tool is a piece of cake to use and very user friendly

The thing that struck me right away was all the options for layouts and colours. I was curious to know more! I hoped that it would be within our budget. Using the sizes that I had ingrained in my memory, I started to plan our cupboard. The tool is a piece of cake to use, very user friendly. The handy thing about it is that it shows you the prices and updates them along the way. It didn’t take long before I had a total price, and low and behold, it was within our budget.

I arranged a visit the same day with the measuring service.

free colour samples in green Shadow from maatkastenonline

Green Shadow colour samples

Green Shadow jumped out.

The measuring service really seemed a smart option, and boy oh boy was that a good decision. It was reassuring to see that they could understand my vision. We discussed the options and they suggested the best possible solution.

Every single centimetre counts, and although we had to allow for losing some height due to the support beam, this was more than compensated for by the depth of the cupboard. Since the walls are not perfectly straight, the specialist recommended that we order oversized infill panels so that we could cut these precisely to size afterwards for a seamless fit.

After the measurements had been taken, the specialist brought out the colour samples and we picked out a few of the samples. We arranged the colour samples on the terrazzo floor we have all over our house, and Green Shadow jumped out. Then we looked at handles and the nice thing is that I could also immediately look at these next to the colour samples. We chose the Diamond brass handles. It makes sense: we actually use the gold colour of the brass as an accent colour in our interior.

Messing handle on a graan cabinet by maatkastenonline

Handle Diamond in messing

The colour of the furniture is lovely

It didn’t take long before they emailed me a plan based on the measurements. The biggest surprise for us was that the price was actually lower than the initial price simulation.
Once it was delivered, we could get started with the installation. I was relieved that it all generally went smoothly. The accompanying instructions guide you through every step of the installation process. We did have a few difficulties with the hinges. They were slightly awkward to click in due to the force you have to apply. The recess didn’t give us a lot of space to move around, but in the end we managed to get them in.

The colour of the furniture turned out to be so lovely and gave me the idea to use this colour on the walls and the ceiling of the recess. My hubby had some doubts about whether it would be too dark, but I managed to persuade him that it would look good due to the large amount of light coming in from the skylight and the glass connecting door to the living room. When I contacted the after-sales service, they were able to immediately give me the colour code for Green Shadow. I then had paint mixed up at Levis. We first applied a lattice pattern to the wall and then we could paint the walls and ceiling in the recess in the same colour as the cabinet. We also added a brass detail between the cabinet and the wall.

Exactly the kind of first impression I want to make in the entrance hall.
Green cabinet made to measure by maatkastenonline

The result is more attractive than I even dared to dream and thanks to Maatkasten Online the recess blends in neatly with the rest of our interior. This is exactly the kind of first impression I want to make in the entrance hall.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Maatkasten Online to my customers as they offer an affordable solution for high-quality bespoke furniture.

Written by: Nele Bombeeck - Website: House of Nebo, Instagram: @nebo_interior