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Taking a look inside an elegant home filled with custom cabinets of timeless class

Black custom cabinet under a staircase in an entryway.

A house filled with custom cabinets, isn't that everyone's dream? Take a peek inside a home where this dream became a reality. Walk-in closet, under-stair storage, laundry closet, and dressing room, you'll find it all here. 

The master bedroom, chic and calming.

A bedroom should be an oasis of tranquility – a place where you can fully unwind and drift away. These clients truly grasped this concept by opting for a neutral and light earthy tone. The closets were designed to align with this vision. Therefore, Seashell, a warm white/beige color, was chosen. It creates a harmonious ensemble with the walls without overpowering the space.

Walk-in closet in the bedroom in Seashell with golden handles.

A walk-in closet comprised of 2 semi-freestanding custom cabinets in the color Seashell (light beige) with Diamond handles in messing.

A custom-made wardrobe is a sustainable investment. Curious about the cost of a custom wardrobe? You'll find out here what factors will determine the price of your cabinet.

Custom-made dressing in off-white with gold handles.
Wardrobe cabinet with a clothing bar, fully customized.

Adding golden accents to the space elevates this room to a higher level instantly. With the Diamond handles in messing, this subtle touch of gold is also extended to the walk-in closet.

You have complete freedom in choosing the layout of the walk-in closet. Need drawers? Or is hanging space more important for you? Combine different modules in your closet to tailor it perfectly to your preferences.

Custom wardrobe in a bedroom with neutral colors.

The laundry room with laundry cabinets, stylish and practical.

Next to the bathroom is the laundry area. The beautiful poured floor and the choice of the soft and neutral Seashell color create a calm unity in this perspective. Furthermore, the space is highly functional due to the abundant storage around the washing appliances. A convenient deep drawer provides the option to place a laundry basket for neatly storing clothes.

Custom laundry room with elevated washing appliances

Laundry room with elevated washing appliances in Seashell

Custom laundry cabinet with built-in elevated washing appliances.

For this home, they used our measurement service. Do you have a similar, challenging project in mind? Be sure to request a measurement service. An expert from Maatkasten Online will come to your home and provide personalized advice. They'll transform your house into a true showroom! Accompanied by color samples and all the handles from our collection, you'll work together to refine the project down to the smallest details.

Elegant Entry

Welcome your guests in style by opting for a custom wardrobe. Maatkasten Online also offers stair cupboards, allowing you to make the most of the space beneath your stairs and utilize it as a wardrobe. This provides ample room to store coats, shoes, and bags.

In this case, a beautiful interplay of lines was created by combining the steel door, the staircase, and the railing. A charming detail is that the wall under the stairs was painted black, just like the wardrobe. This results in a stunning cohesion. This effect can also be applied to straight walls.

Functional and beautiful. We're fans!
Custom under-stair closet in Diamond Black by Maatkasten Online

Stair cupboard in Diamond Black, handleless push-to-open

Custom wardrobe in Seashell for the entryway.

Wardrobe in Seashell, handleless push-to-open system

Estimating the price in advance

Are you planning to build or renovate? It's essential to estimate your budget beforehand. In this home, ample space for built-in cabinets was accounted for in the plans ahead of time. It was convenient to have a price estimate generated in advance for all custom cabinets, avoiding the need to wait for quotes.

At Maatkasten Online, you can easily design custom cabinets online using a user-friendly designtool, and you'll instantly see the exact price of your cabinet design, including home delivery. With this approach, you'll be well-prepared and can confidently start your construction or renovation project, knowing exactly what to expect.

Thanks to the interior enthusiasts of this residence.
Photography by: Allt