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Storage bench: combine comfort with efficiency

Custom-made storage bench in beige tones.

Lots of stuff, little space? Make the most of your space and choose a custom storage bench: not only will you create a comfortable place to relax, it's also a smart solution for a well-organized home. Curious about all the possibilities? Read our tips and design the ultimate sofa tailored to your interior and style.

Benefits of a customized storage bench

With a custom-made storage bench, you make the best use of the available space. Not only can you customize the sofa down to the millimeter to fit the dimensions of the room, you also enjoy other benefits of customization:

White custom storage bench with push-to-open doors
  • Hidden storage: Integrate a storage space into the sofa and make tidying up even easier. Handy for storing items such as plaids, toys or books so they don't remain lying around in your interior.

  • Unique design: Unleash your creativity. Choose from a pack of colors, determine the best fitting layout and go for a design that perfectly matches your personal taste and wishes. If you want the cabinet and top shelf in a different color, no problem. Everything is possible.

  •  Optimal comfort: When designing the storage sofa, keep in mind what comfort means to you. Choose from different seat depths, storage options and upper tablet finishes and make sure the sofa not only fits your space perfectly, but you as well. Also, because our sofas are made from high-quality materials, you don't have to worry about strain. Our sofas can withstand any weight.

Designing your storage bench online: what should you think about?

Design your custom storage bench easily and quickly in our online 3D configurator. How do you get started? Follow our step-by-step plan and make your storage bench even more functional, and even more unique.

White custom storage bench

1. Clearly know what you want

Toys, shoes or blankets? Think about what you want to store first and match the layout of the storage bench to your stuff. Will you go for drawers or shelves? With or without doors? You can customize the design in different ways to suit your personal needs.

Measuring service to measure your custom storage cabinet

2. Determine the right size

Measure the available space accurately and keep in mind doorways, window sills or other obstacles. We give you some helpful tips for taking the right measurements. The ideal dimensions of your custom sofa? You decide that for yourself. For the best seating comfort, we recommend the following dimensions: 

  • Height: the best height for your sofa is between 45 and 50 cm. 
  • Depth: with a seat depth of 45 to 55 cm you create the most comfortable and relaxed sitting position.
Determine the style of your sofa from free color samples

3. Choose color and style

And then: the look. Choose from as many as 23 color tones to make sure your storage bench matches your interior. On the inside and the outside. You can also combine different colors for a playful effect. For example, you can choose the color of the top shelf, as well as the thickness (18 or 36 mm), separately. Need inspiration? Request free color samples

Where will the bench be located? Are you going for a straight bench, or do you prefer a U- or L-shape? Anything goes. Although you cannot yet design a U- or L-shaped sofa in our online tool, this option is still available. Contact us and design the desired shape with us.

Customized white storage bench

4. With or without handles

For storage benches, we recommend the gripless solution: the most practical choice because you can easily open your cabinet and also sit comfortably without the door handle getting in the way. 

Prefer handles anyway? Then we provide a durable addition to your custom storage bench with 32 different handles. Ultra-fine milled, designer knobs or clean lines? Choose your favorite.

Customized storage bench in warm white

Storage bench in Seashell (warm white) with a top tablet in Weave Wool Beige (woven textile texture).

Boy reading a book on a customized storage bench

A plinth at the bottom protects your storage bench from shoe marks or vacuuming.

Storage bench with a grip rail for an extra beautiful and practical result

An extra thick 36 mm upper tablet provides extra strength

Designing customized storage bench in the online 3D tool of maatkasten online

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