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What is the cost of a custom-made dressing room?

Having all your clothes neatly organized and quickly putting together your outfit every day? A dressing room is both beautiful and practical. And an even more stunning addition is a custom-made walk-in closet. But what is the cost of a custom-made dressing room? We'll tell you everything you need to know!

Custom-made dressing cabinet under a sloping roof, in the Elegant Black wood texture.

Custom-made dressing cabinet under a sloping roof, in the Elegant Black wood texture.

In summary

Custom-made dressings come in various forms, making it challenging to compare prices. Therefore, it is helpful to consider the price per linear meter. At Maatkasten Online, you can find an open dressing starting from 350 euros per linear meter. For a closed dressing with beautiful cabinet doors, you can expect prices starting from 470 euros per linear meter. Moreover, these prices include VAT and home delivery! The exact price will vary depending on the finishing details of your dressing.

What determines the price of a custom-made dressing?

Color and finish

The color and finish of the panels in your dressing room also contribute to the price. For example, a neutral white is usually more affordable than a luxurious wood texture. Additionally, opting for self-paintable MDF can be more budget-friendly, although you need to factor in the cost of paint.

Layout, drawers, and shelves

In general, the simpler the wardrobe design, the more cost-effective it tends to be. A dressing room with only shelves will be less expensive than one with drawers. Additionally, you can choose additional options such as a clothing lift, which will also impact the price.

Single or double modules

A double module, which consists of a wide cabinet with double doors, is more cost-effective than a single module. This is because less panel and fixing material is required to construct the wardrobe. In addition, a double module can sometimes be more convenient than a single module as there is no partition, allowing you to accommodate wide storage boxes or travel bags.

Tip: You can use the calculator provided to quickly calculate the difference between single and double modules.

Custom-built built-in dressing room in the Front White color

Custom-built built-in dressing room in the Front White color

With or without doors

An open wardrobe generally costs less than one with doors. If you're conscious of your budget, you can influence the cost by making smart color choices. By giving your doors a special color while keeping the inside of the wardrobe white, you can reduce the price. Alternatively, white doors with a colored interior create a delightful combination worth considering!

Sloping walls or under the roof

If your walk-in closet is on the attic or has sloping walls, that also affects the price. A straight wardrobe between two walls is more cost-effective than one with a sloping back or sides under the roof. These designs are more complex to create, hence the slight additional cost.

Quality of your dressing

The quality of your dressing is also an important factor. Sturdier panel materials, reliable components, and a scratch- and stain-resistant finish may come at a higher cost, but we believe it's worth it.

Built-in dressing cabinet under a sloping roof

Built-in dressing cabinet under a sloping roof. Exterior color: Seashell, interior color: Essential Oak Naturel wood texture

Delivery and installation

Delivery also affects the price. At Maatkasten Online, home delivery is included, while some other wardrobe webshops may charge over 100 euros for shipping, even for small cabinets. You can also save money on installation. DIY kits are much more cost-effective, and the one from Maatkasten Online is so easy that anyone can do it. After all, why pay someone for something you can do yourself? That's the opinion of satisfied customer Nathalie, at least.

Want to see how much your custom-made dressing would cost? Calculate it using our online tool.

How does Maatkasten Online offer such competitive prices?

How is it that Maatkasten Online can offer such affordable prices while maintaining carpenter-quality? There are several reasons for this. The biggest cost advantage comes from our DIY package. You don't have to pay for installers; you can easily install your dressing room yourself in no time thanks to our convenient Minifix system.

Additionally, we made a conscious decision not to have a showroom. Instead, you can compare our finishes directly in your own interior with our free color samples. Our product selection also plays a role: at Maatkasten Online, you won't find unnecessary frills and extras, but a carefully curated, impressive collection where you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for.

Our super easy online configurator also contributes to affordability. By allowing you to design your dream wardrobe and having our tool calculate the price, our carpenters can focus 100% on producing your dressing. Additionally, we can purchase materials in large volumes, which lowers the material costs. These are just a few small adjustments that make the overall package 2 to 3 times cheaper than the work of a carpenter!

 Walk-in dressing room under a sloping roof in the Hudson Oak wood texture.

Walk-in dressing room in the Hudson Oak wood texture

 Walk-in dressing room under a sloping roof in the Hudson Oak wood texture.

Will you still get a high-quality dressing room?

We have designed our wardrobes to help you save money, but we will never compromise on quality. We are fully committed to professional carpenter-quality: our wardrobes are composed of durable components, such as solid 8mm cabinet backs and beautiful 18mm thick panels from Unilin. Our award-winning Ta'Or drawers with soft-close guides can carry up to 60 kilograms. Plus, they come pre-assembled, saving you time.

Moreover, your wardrobe is prepared with great care: every screw and hinge is is individually packaged by hand. Our project managers double-check everything on the technical drawings, and then each component of the wardrobe is precisely cut to size. We strive for a flawless finish and stylish look, with discreet ultra-fine and precise pre-drilled holes and an integrated push-to-open system. If you have any questions during installation or after your purchase, our team is here to assist you.

Calculate the cost of your dream dressing room

Calculate the cost of your dream dressing room yourself in our convenient online configurator. If you're still undecided between different finishes, you can order up to 3 free samples and compare them at home.

The price of your custom wardrobe

Don't wait for quotes any longer. Design your ultimate dream wardrobe now and instantly discover the price, VAT included, and home delivery.