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Here's how we saved 699,872 kg of CO₂

At Maatkasten Online we do our best to be environmentally conscious. For example, our production in Maldegem is equipped with solar panels and our wood comes from sustainably managed forests. We also contribute to a circular economy by transforming our waste streams into new products, in cooperation with Unilin.

Panels from reclaimed wood

For our materials, we invariably choose sustainable solutions. For example, our board material is made from flax shives, a residual product from the textile sector that would otherwise end up in landfills. We give this reclaimed wood a new life in our made-to-measure cabinets.

By processing residual wood into quality board materials, it is saved from burning and thus we reduce CO₂ emissions.

From leftovers to new materials

But we also handle our leftovers with care. For example, we deliver our leftovers to Unilin, which in turn uses them to make new materials. As a pioneer in the circular economy, this Belgian company encourages interior professionals to produce as sustainably as possible, and Maatkasten Online is happy to be part of that group of 'conscious makers'.
Thanks to this fine collaboration, we can say with some pride that we will have collected some 437 tonnes of reclaimed wood by 2021. With that, Unilin made 601 m³ of panels. That saves a lot of unnecessary forest felling, thus avoiding a total of no less than 699,872 kilos of CO₂ emissions! That can already count.

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