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Visit the Sundae House during 'Open Funday' on Sunday, September 17th, in Kortrijk.

Come to the Sundae House on Sunday, September 17th, between 10 AM and 5 PM. It's free!
Address: 12 Schoorbakkestraat, Kortrijk.

The Sundae House has undergone a complete renovation transformation and has become a true gem! (Especially with those beautiful custom-made cabinets 😉) Come and see it for yourself during the Sundae Open Funday. Are you a fan of interiors or are you in the midst of a renovation yourself? Everyone is welcome, and it's definitely worth the visit!

We'll be there, will you?

Eline and Zara in front of the Sundae House

The Sundae House?

Maybe you're already familiar with the Sundae House and have been following the renovation closely. Or perhaps this is the first time you've heard of Sundae. Don't worry; we'd be happy to give you a brief introduction.

This is
Sundae is the platform for home & lifestyle, brimming with interior inspiration and practical tips. Sundae welcomes you to a world full of achievable home ideas. We take a look inside the homes of everyday interior enthusiasts, and each year, we personally transform a renovation project, alongside our 'Friends.' And yes, one of those valuable 'Friends' responsible for creating beautiful custom-made cabinets is us 😉 - Maatkasten Online

The Sundae House 2.0
After the successful first renovation project, Sundae House 1.0, this year also saw the complete renovation of an old property into a stylish home. This year, it's a beautiful townhouse from the 1960s in Kortrijk. What was the plan? To maintain the Sixties vibe but in a contemporary style. Sundae guided you through every phase of the renovation again, highlighting every choice and practical tips. As for the custom-made cabinets, in one episode, we had the chance to see how Eline created and ordered the design of the custom-made cabinets online. In another episode, we then saw how Eline and Zara jointly assembled the cabinets by hand.

With the help of our 'Friends,' the result has ultimately become incredibly beautiful! But judge for yourself, especially when you step into the house on September 17th during the Sundae Open Funday.

Laundry room in Dusty Coral and Front White
Custom-made cabinet with drawers and a handle strip
Dresser with an extra long top and washing appliances

Laundry room

Let us inspire you with the first images from the laundry room. Here, a beautiful white cabinet wall was installed to neatly conceal all the technical installations. Additionally, there's a low dresser with an extra long top, perfect for placing the washing appliances underneath. This low dresser also serves as a convenient folding table for laundry. The addition of the gorgeous Dusty Coral color provides a soft and colorful touch to the space. And thanks to the repeated pink color of the Tonton handles on the technical cabinet, it all comes together beautifully.

But these are by no means the only custom-made cabinets from Maatkasten Online in the Sundae House! Come to the Open Funday and also discover the splendid dressing room in the master bedroom, the cheerful custom-made cabinet in the baby's room, and a practical cabinet in the hallway with a bench.

See you there!

Appliances integrated beneath a custom-made dresser
The Sundae House after the renovation works
White storage cabinets with pink Tonton handles